Forgotten Lore
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Forgotten Lore
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Card Text:
Target opponent chooses a card in your graveyard. You may pay Green. If you do, repeat this process except that opponent can't choose a card already chosen for Forgotten Lore. Then put the last chosen card into your hand.
Flavor Text:
In ashes are the gems of history.
All Sets:
Ice Age (Uncommon)Masters Edition II (Uncommon)
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10/1/2008 You target an opponent when you cast Forgotten Lore. The opponent chooses a card in your graveyard as Forgotten Lore resolves. After that choice is made, you’re given the option to pay {G}. If you do, the targeted opponent must choose a different card, if there is one. (If there isn’t one, this part is skipped.) Then you’re given the option to pay {G} again. As long as you keep paying {G}, the process continues. As soon as you decline to pay {G}, the last card that was chosen by the opponent is put into your hand.
10/1/2008 The spell has no knowledge of cards chosen for other spells named Forgotten Lore.