Grafdigger's Cage
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Grafdigger's Cage
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Creature cards can't enter the battlefield from graveyards or libraries.
Players can't cast spells from graveyards or libraries.
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"If you wind up in one of mine, you can be sure as silver it will be your last."
—Grafdigger Wulmer
All Sets:
Dark Ascension (Rare)
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (Rare)
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3/14/2017 If a creature card tries to enter the battlefield from a graveyard or library, it stays in its current zone.
3/14/2017 The second ability doesn’t stop players from playing land cards from graveyards or libraries since lands aren’t cast.
4/18/2017 A noncreature card can enter the battlefield from a graveyard or library if another card’s effect (such as that of March of the Machines) will make it a creature after it has entered the battlefield.
4/18/2017 If an object has a static ability that could cause it to become a creature or stop being a creature, that ability is considered when applying Grafdigger’s Cage. For example, Rusted Relic can enter the battlefield from a graveyard or library only if you control fewer than three artifacts before it enters. Thassa, God of the Sea can enter only if your devotion to blue is less than five before it enters.
4/18/2017 Applying a replacement effect may cause Grafdigger’s Cage to stop an object from entering the battlefield. For example, Sculpting Steel can enter the battlefield from a graveyard or library only if it’s not entering as a copy of an artifact creature. However, a replacement effect can’t be applied to cause Grafdigger’s Cage to not apply. Phyrexian Metamorph can’t enter the battlefield even if you wish to copy a noncreature artifact.