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Strictly better than Oakenform.
Posted By: Jake1991 (5/27/2010 6:14:12 PM)


The second coming of Elephant Guide.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (4/16/2010 9:43:55 AM)


Agreed. This is sometimes worse than Elephant Guide, but it's better most of the time, and Elephant guide is one of the best auras of all time.
Posted By: dudecow (4/16/2010 6:37:31 PM)


Solid, nothing too amazing or exciting, but there are a lot of possibilities with this.
Posted By: EvilCleavage (4/23/2010 9:15:29 PM)


I love the Totem Armors and this one is one of the best. You can make your creature bigger and actually protect it instead of turn it into a lightning rod. Definitely not foolproof though. Watch the instants, the exiles, the pacifisms, etc - but still cool.
Posted By: badmalloc (5/18/2010 2:36:36 PM)


I don't use this, I use oakenform with umbra mystic, just to be annoying.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (6/18/2010 11:20:44 PM)


i say this is better than Elephant Guide. if you have something like Prized Unicorn out and you could enchant it with Elephant Guide or boar umbra you would lose a prized unicorn for a 33 elephant and only get 1 all-out attack. if your opponent somehow lives though, you would get a 3/3 elephant and with Boar Umbra you can all-out attack again next turn if you live
Posted By: psychokid121 (5/18/2010 2:30:37 PM)


Excellent fun, great aura. Its quite satisfying to turn a turn 3 vampire nighthawk into a turn four 5/6 lifelinking deathtouchin flyer, or a branchsnap lorian into a turn 4 7/4 trampler
Posted By: TheSwarm (8/13/2010 10:09:24 PM)


this isn't strictly better than Oakenform. what if it's on my Pacified Perilous Myr and I need to Flame Slash it to deal 2 damage to my opponent and win the game
Posted By: Purple_Shrimp (10/15/2011 8:35:44 PM)


Anyone notice that this is the only umbra with flavor text? How weird.
Posted By: Totema (12/28/2011 6:55:06 PM)