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This seems really over the curve given the circ umstances.
While Bull Rush is a hilariously terrible card, getting a freebie each turn can really add up.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (4/16/2010 9:39:57 AM)


This card owned the draft/sealed at my local cardshop. Not sure of it's use outside of that format, but if your gonna go red in the draft/sealed it is a definite pick.
Posted By: Swiftgamer18 (4/17/2010 10:01:48 PM)


surprisingly, not a bad card for a deck full of kind small creatures. Also one real good combo is goblin tunneler and this all in the same set, make one of your small creatures unblockable, and then at combat they get pumped up and still cant be blocked. The more battlerattle, the better.
Posted By: FugimSky (4/18/2010 1:07:46 PM)


This gets 5/5 just for its name
Posted By: Ezenthar (5/6/2010 4:14:58 AM)


I think this is a strong card in limited. Turn a small creature with evasion into a serious clock. The best part is the ability effectively has "haste". Drop it and hit for four with your 2/2 flier.
Posted By: badmalloc (5/17/2010 11:54:12 AM)


I was surprised by him at the prerelease - having this ability just go off for free every turn is really quite good. Compare him to other creatures with this boon:

Ceta Disciple,Dega Disciple, and Naya Battlemage - these three require that you invest Red and that you tap the boongiver. They also have summoning sickness.

Dwarven Bloodboiler - doesn't suffer from the summoning sickness problem, but again, it requires you to tap something.

What is even more awesome, though, is that they made the boon trigger at the beginning of combat on your turn! Normally, most creatures with optional free abilities like this "go off" at the beginning of your upkeep (Wort, Boggart Auntie; Nath of the Gilt-Leaf; Bringer of the Red Dawn). Not only does this mean that you'll get the benefit on the turn you play him, but he also works with... (see all)
Posted By: Leshrac_Nightwalker (12/22/2010 10:01:22 AM)


Posted By: blindthrall (5/22/2011 6:35:12 PM)


Wow, a triggered ability that does not start at the beginning of your turn, upkeep or drawstep, but in your combat.
Well, but aside from that it's not too interesting. Goblin tribal decks will be able to find a broad choice of three-drops that will yield a +1/+1 bonus for all other creatures instead.
Posted By: Mode (4/16/2010 7:42:32 AM)


I love the name. Battlerattle. Battlerattle. Battlerattle. Okay, now that that's out of my system, the card isn't anything special. It's pretty much 4 for a 4/2 during your turn, 2/2 during your opponent's turn. This would be a lot better at a 3 cmc.
Posted By: dudecow (4/16/2010 6:50:02 PM)


Imho this is better than Storm Crow (in some situations). But the two are best when used together. I still can't forget the look of increasing horror on my opponent's face from the last time I ran that deck as my shaman's din urged the 3/2 bird of murder into battle. CAWWWWWWW! 20 damage to the face.
Posted By: heenaheena (7/28/2010 5:28:49 PM)