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This is surely one of the most versatile cards in Rise of the Eldrazi. It can:
- lock your opponent by tapping his or her lands
- tap opponent's creatures paving the way to your massive alpha attack
- untap you creatures after a massive attack
- untap your lands for more mana, if you can produce several mana with a single permanent (Gaea's Cradle, Tolarian Academy, Rofellos, Elvish Archdruid, ...)
- make infinite combos with Sigil Tracer or Echo Mage, as someone already posted; these combos can create powerful effects with cards like Fallowsage, Corrupted Roots, Betrayal, Goblin Medic, Hollowsage, Insolence, Judge of Currents, Relic Putrescence and many others.
I don't ... (see all)
Posted By: Paolino (1/16/2012 1:20:04 AM)


Aaron's Random Card Comment of the Day #26, 11/1/10

At one point in Rise of the Eldrazi design, there were quite a bit more colorless instants and sorceries in the set. I submitted the following common card, which was in the file for at least one playtest:

Variable Colorless
Untap up to X target creatures.

The idea of it was that it was a limited trick that any color could have access to. I never got to try playing with it, as it was decreed by the creative team pretty quickly that they wanted Eldrazi defined first and foremost by their hugeness and second by being colorless, so all colorless Eldrazi cards should cost at least 7 mana. Thankful for the direction, we kicked all the cheap colorless spells out.

The card that would become Reality Spasm entered the file a short while later, as a rare and with a mana cost of Variable ColorlessBlue; the team was looking for interesting finishers to sink a bunch of Eldrazi Spawn into, and it didn’t hurt that the card was clean and elegant an... (see all)
Posted By: Aaron_Forsythe (11/1/2010 11:45:33 PM)


That's a big Twiddle.
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (4/15/2010 10:51:54 PM)


Permanents guys. Permanents. That means lands.
Posted By: Stray_Dog (8/6/2010 12:44:45 PM)


The untapping part really gets my creative juices flowing. This card feels breakable to me.
Posted By: True_Mumin (4/28/2010 7:36:40 AM)


This will be an excellent combo enabler like gigadrowse, not as good but also not as color intensive. Turbo Turns and Polymorph should both benefit from this as well as Pyromancers Ascention just tap your opponent down the turn before you go off.
Posted By: Guest482148847 (4/20/2010 7:49:42 PM)


Seems to have many uses:

Gives all of your creatures vigilance
Prevents massive assaults
Lets your own massive assault be unblocked.
Untaps or taps artifacts

nice artwork
Posted By: RowanKeltizar (6/13/2010 4:46:01 PM)


Sleep might be better in some decks, but does Sleep untap your creatures for a major attack? No. This does, but I think it all depends on the deck. I'm going to use both to murder my enemies.
Posted By: Demonic_Angel13 (4/21/2010 6:16:49 PM)


Word of Binding is a different color. It can't be strictly worse or better.
Posted By: Hibron (5/23/2010 3:02:41 PM)


Break it with the Echo Mage. with X=4 or more, infinite mana with him targeting it on the stack if he's leveled to 2-3, and X=2 or more if 4 or greater. Right?
Posted By: Kryptnyt (4/28/2010 7:33:08 PM)