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@DeathDark, I run Pawn of Ulamog with Butcher of Malakir and I'll tell you your combo does not work. Pawn of Ulamog's ability only activates when a nontoken creature YOU control is put into the graveyard. Therefore, you cannot infinitely combo the two cards. However, throwing in Reassembling Skeleton and Bloodthrone Vampire. Attack with allows you to sack the Skeleton, triggering both Butcher and Pawn's ability, upon which you get a spawn and he/she sacks a creature. Sack the spawn and Butcher's ability procs again, leaving you with a 5/5 Bloodthrone vampire and two less enemy creatures. Oh, you can repeat for a colorless/black mana too.
Posted By: AColonyOfAnts (11/10/2010 8:15:54 PM)


@theapprentice: You are actually 100% wrong.

"110.5f A token that’s phased out, or that’s in a zone other than the battlefield, ceases to exist. This is
a state-based action; see rule 704. (Note that if a token changes zones, applicable triggered
abilities will trigger before the token ceases to exist.)"
Posted By: sarroth (12/22/2010 11:52:55 AM)


Attrition is always happy to make new friends. And sacrifice them.
Posted By: nibelheim_valesti (5/22/2010 4:24:40 PM)


I smell combo potential here.
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (4/15/2010 11:09:25 PM)


devour deck much
Posted By: stratoscythe (4/17/2010 6:48:28 PM)


god this block has been so nice to my grave pact deck. this and mortician beetle are great. And earlier we had bloodghast and gatekeeper of malakir

This guy just gets crazy, you get a creature from each of ur sacrifices but you get a guy with that can sack himself as to edict your opponent even if they get rid of ur sack engine.
Posted By: Gezus82 (6/7/2010 6:45:20 PM)


Johnny deck much
Posted By: Mode (4/19/2010 7:56:01 AM)


i need a judge's ruling on this if i may. if you kill your magma phoenix equipped with basilisk collar, would you get the first token (from the phoenix going to the graveyard,) before or after the board is wiped by the phoenix? i assumed you choose which order the effects stack, since they activate at the same time :)

also, it's a good idea, if using this combo, to enchant the vampire with a totem-armor aura, and equip with the blade of the blood-chief, to make him super powerful and live thru the phoenix destruction. probly best in a R/w/b deck i'd think.
Posted By: sliverfan (7/27/2010 8:38:36 PM)


This + Bloodthrone Vampire. Sac creatures to produce tokens and boost Bloodthrone. You can sacrifice the tokens to boost Bloodthrone as well, or to build towards Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre or any other Eldrazi.
Posted By: KingKablamo (4/24/2010 2:43:05 AM)


heyyy its lil' wayne
Posted By: BigFriendlyNinja (4/14/2013 2:53:12 PM)