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Blue seams really strong in this format. Counterspell at common?!?
Posted By: Tommy9898 (11/18/2010 10:30:39 PM)


Counter Target Spell.

Can't say it much better than that.
Posted By: God_Of_The_Smurfs (8/15/2011 6:59:01 PM)


@AmericanVigor; not likely, since no matter how good counterspell is, mana drain will just always look better.
And Timetwister draws you 7 cards, theres nothing wrong with that in the deck you put it in. It may be the sleeper card on the P9 but it belongs there.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/9/2011 11:15:10 PM)


I absolutely love the implications this card has from a flavor perspective. "So apparently God judged the world and decided it was in need of purification. His only problem? He didn't ask me first! Bwahahahaha!"

"*** classic, everytime someone plays cancel I laugh at them, I tell them cancel only exists so that you can have moar counterspells in your deck, your not supposed to put them in unless you already have 4 of these."

Cancel exists because a 2 CMC universal hard counter was deemed to be too good and is meant played in formats where Counterspell isn't legal. If you're playing Cancel as counterspells 5-8, you need to brush up on your counters. Not only is there Force of Will, but there's also Dissipate, which is only not strictly better if your strategy revolves around your opponent havi... (see all)
Posted By: Lyoncet (3/13/2011 4:23:00 PM)


Sucks. Counterspell kills it.
Posted By: Angry_Puppy (4/12/2011 1:38:09 AM)


LOL this is rated higher than Mana Drain
Posted By: blink182zombies (1/15/2011 7:29:48 AM)


Posted By: Totema (9/16/2011 2:03:57 PM)


Posted By: mattblack04 (9/13/2011 6:29:05 PM)


The very essence and soul of blue, not much more I can say about this card.
Posted By: Concerned_Bystander (9/23/2011 1:49:08 AM)


When they reprint this, they really need to give it some good art. The only decent art I've ever seen on counterspell is the Jace vs Chandra art.
Posted By: Feralsymphony (5/17/2011 4:10:54 PM)