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I LOVE letting new players borrow my Black deck.

them: "I play Sign in Blood, targeting YOU!!! So take 2 damage!"
me: "..."
Posted By: MrBarrelRoll (7/10/2010 1:50:25 PM)


The funny thing is when you actually win a game by doing that. You come just 1 or 2 life away from killing your opponent and they get all smug because they don't think you have any direct damage/life loss in your deck, then you bust out Sign in Blood on *them*. It's part of the reason I like this card so much. 90% of the time you'll be using it on yourself for card advantage, but its dual use as a quick 2 damage to a player of your choice is definitely an awesome thing to have available.
Posted By: CAustin582 (7/26/2010 6:16:23 PM)


@infernox10 that is not a good idea.
Posted By: don_miguel (7/10/2010 7:48:38 PM)


This is a perfect card for a core set. New players will see "target player" and "loses 2 life" and immediately think it is meant to be used on the opponent. It's a perfect opportunity to teach new players that card advantage>life total unless the opponent is at 2 or less life.
Posted By: Nagoragama (6/25/2011 5:05:41 PM)


I think I want to instantly replace my M10 playset of these just to get the cooler and better new flavor text on this version. It reminds me of the various texts that come from Phyrexian Arena.
Posted By: ByGoblinsBeDriven (7/17/2010 11:05:12 PM)


Underworld Dreams, Megrim, and Mind Rot. Not a necessary supplement, but still a fun offensive use of the card nonetheless.
Posted By: Kelrath (7/31/2010 4:17:32 AM)


This card is VERY solid. Great on the curve, flexible with its targets (including allies in mp who need cards badly)
Posted By: lorendorky (7/8/2010 2:45:38 PM)


Hello, Bloodchief Ascension.
Posted By: http404error (2/24/2011 11:50:54 AM)


Great draw. It fares better than a lot of blue draw in Standard right now, in my opinion, so long as you're in all black. It's fun watching newer players learn that chances are the two cards you get are going to more than make up for the two life you lost.
Posted By: Zulp (7/13/2010 10:08:16 PM)


Reprint of Night's Whisper with some vampire flavor? I like it!
Posted By: Tovaras (7/17/2010 9:48:50 AM)