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Okay, this has bugged me since fifth edition. Why does a druid whose primary function is to produce mana have flavor text about torturing prisoners?
Posted By: RJ.693 (1/4/2011 2:36:19 PM)


Very few green decks have any reason not to run four of these out the gate.
Posted By: ROBRAM89 (10/29/2010 12:09:29 AM)


He's such a threat on his own that he usually becomes Lightning Bolt fodder. Every discerning burn player knows this is worth 1-2 mana to snipe; if you wait 3 turns, he's already helped his elf buddies cross the hand/battlefield fence. He's cost-effective, inspires fear in anyone who has ever played against an elf deck, and lets you say 'i'm gonna float one green mana into my pool' whenever people say they're gonna Terror, Doom Blade, Fireball, or Bolt it. :)
Posted By: DacenOctavio (9/14/2010 11:19:48 PM)


If you were to define green in one card, I would use llanowar elves.
Arbor elf is less useful when your lands are destroyed or there are manabarbs out. And only equal until you get a wildgrowth on that forest.
Sure there are rare cards that trump him, but to a new player who has a limited collection, this gets them 95% of the benefit.
Posted By: kiseki (12/30/2010 3:37:53 PM)


Mana acceleration, a creature that's not behind the curve (the way MTG is heading this probably won't be the case in future), fills the turn 1 drop better than most cards and has two useful tribes. I never regret a turn 1 Llanowar Elves, even when I'm not playing elves. One of magic's original creatures has been balanced since day 1 and continues through today. Welcome back to 2011.

If you are playing green there is a good reason to run this.
Posted By: Temple_Garden (7/8/2010 1:09:54 PM)


What more can you say past "He's good"?
Posted By: boneclub (7/15/2010 10:42:07 PM)


Yay, the elves are back! Too bad my deck needs Birds over them because, well, I can't bear to say it... I'm... I'm... splashing.
Anyway good to see them back, automatic in any mono-green deck. 5/5
Posted By: RPGsr4me (7/25/2010 9:16:13 PM)


If the naming thing about having creatures with plural names depicting singular dudes was so annoying, I'm surprised they haven't commissioned new art for good ol' Llanowar Elves yet.

The art is amazing as it has always been, though he does look a bit more badass than his abilities would suggest.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (7/10/2010 9:50:22 AM)


Desperately needs new artwork. Something more druidic and less warrior-like would be peachy.

I like how it has the mark on the side of his head like the original, but these are druids.
Posted By: Laguz (8/29/2010 7:22:44 AM)


wow, thats a new card ive never seen before :D
Posted By: TheMoustacheCame (7/12/2010 3:32:11 PM)