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I really don't know what you're all talking about, with regards to the art - the concept behind this art (of nature reclaiming the unnatural) makes sense and the image itself is hardly objectionable...

And, as for the card, it's always going to be handy for new players, but I much prefer Krosan Grip.
Posted By: firechao (1/30/2011 12:01:48 PM)


This has always been one of my favorite spell for green. Cheap and gets right to the point. And an Instant. And with the new block Scars, finally here, this card is goingn to be even more important. Perhaps even going from sideboard to mainboard, depending on my local metagame.

By the way, Wizards, the art is much better on Rise of Eldrazi's version.
5.0/5 (despite the art =))
Posted By: LimePeel (9/27/2010 12:54:22 PM)


One of the few colorshifted cards out there to have become such an integral, color-defining ability. I've been playing since 1994, and I can no longer imagine green without this card. Plus, it fits perfectly in terms of flavor, maybe even better than Disenchant fits into white.
Posted By: Lyoncet (2/17/2011 1:35:22 PM)


Most decks have at least some enchantments and/or artifacts, making this card super versatile and useful. Oftentimes getting rid of an enchantment or artifact is much more helpful than one creature anyway.
Posted By: tantallum99 (4/14/2011 4:37:42 PM)


I find this art preferable over the others because it is simple, straightforward, and generic in its setting.
Posted By: Blackworm_Bloodworm (6/7/2011 12:38:43 PM)


It's been around since I've been playing, and I've been playing since this has been around.

Whether it's Kamahl or Garruk, I like this card.
Posted By: Gabriel422 (6/28/2011 12:12:08 AM)


I don't mind the artwork that much, because this is still a terrific card for casual players and can fit into any deck in general.
Posted By: Richard_Hawk (9/16/2010 12:06:25 AM)


Yeah, why HAVE they been using this god-awful illustration for so many years, particularly when the same card has much better art in other sets?

Aesthetics aside, it's no exaggeration to say that this card completely changed the face of Green when it first saw print. I know people whose jaws dropped when they opened their first one. It's a seemingly minor effect, but it radically altered the color pie forever thereafter.
Posted By: Weary_PSI (10/6/2010 2:34:43 AM)


Dear wizards,
this art sucks big time please use Alara's art next time
with love
Posted By: ICEFANG13 (7/8/2010 12:33:25 PM)


I would love to leave a comment on this card, but the terrible artwork has left me disoriented.

I personally enjoyed the Onslaught artwork. (Why couldn't green get a decent picture of destroying stuff?)
Posted By: dberry02 (9/15/2010 11:10:41 AM)