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-There's no negative gamble to the coin toss (like 'sac Creepy Doll').
-Indestructible creatures are always great, and leaving Mirrodin, this will be one of the few we'll have.
-Actually frightens the opponent to keep them from attacking.
-Flavor is outstanding. I'm reminded of that movie Dead Silence (puppets kill people if they scream.. idk, i've never seen all of it). It actually fits the movie perfectly, as there's a chance the other creature would survive.

-Really only usable as a blocker.
-Requires combat damage to activate.
-Cost is a little high. (but shouldn't be a problem, Wizards seems to be pushing for slower games, which is fine by me)
-Dolls are creepy as hell anyway. (Oh wait, this is a PRO...)

I honestly think deathtouch would make this card too good. Indestructible and deathtouch are two things that shouldn't go together without really having to work for it. That'd be more aggravating to face than deathtouch/first strike. Although a fair trade off migh... (see all)
Posted By: BastianQoU (10/21/2011 11:11:08 PM)


I like it, I really do...

But dear god, I hope I don't open it in a pack... (although having it in Sharuum EDH might be ok.)
Posted By: Anubisisking (10/1/2011 1:53:01 PM)


I obviously don't know about constructed formats yet, but this thing was a pretty decent mid-game drop for me in the prerelease. Often things would go to my being outnumbered to my opponent being outnumbered in just a couple turns. It tended to make them think twice about attacking too. 4/5 at least for limited.
Posted By: burnsbabe (9/25/2011 3:19:26 AM)


i drew this a draft last night once i attached Cobbled Wings to it my opponent refused to attach with anything but his unblockable creature
Posted By: blackaddicus (10/28/2011 7:04:18 PM)


A bad card for competitive purposes, but it does have really neat flavor and a fun mechanic.
Posted By: SkaerKrow (11/10/2011 6:57:14 AM)


For some reason, the idea of this with a trusty machete attached to it seems epic. It's Magic's version of Chuckie from Child's Play.
Posted By: Quentil (11/10/2011 3:55:02 PM)


i actually like this lil beast. i have this end game with a worldslayer on it, everytime i attack with the lil doll, he had to block it with one of his big boys and risk a 50% chance of loosing it. had my Manor gargoyle to block off his attacking creatures, i kept swining this lil creey doll and finally his biggies lucked out and all got destroyed, and i finally worldslayered him, leaving nothing but all my indestructible guys and worldslayer. 4/5 card, couldda been better if it got like 2/2 or 3/3, 1/1 is jus too lil
Posted By: zakando (1/14/2012 8:10:23 PM)


mana cost is too high for what it does. i miss stuffy doll. :(
Posted By: raptorman333 (10/21/2011 8:45:41 AM)


I love this card.

"And there's a creepy doll
that always follows you
It's got a ruined eye that's always open!

And there's a creepy doll that always follows you
it's got a pretty mouth
to swallow you whole"

Yeah Jonathan Colton!
Posted By: Tigerguy786 (9/22/2011 9:55:51 PM)


Between this, the Plants vs. Zombies refence, and Gheistcatcher's Rig, I have literally no clue what the hell is coming in Dark Ascension.

Except that it will be Epic.

While I LOVE that they managed to pull of horror tropes of every shape and size in Innistrad, I also do hope they return to sanity with the next block and not be TOO spread out. It worked because they got lucky with some amazingly deep design space. I'm not sure they could do nearly as much with, for example, Pirates. Or Ninjas. Although we already have Ninjutsu and Bushido. A return to Kamigawa block would be unexpected, but I think there might just enough to do it again one more time. Mirrodin and Zendikar have more than enough to fuel another block each.
Posted By: DarthParallax (9/25/2011 10:18:53 PM)


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5/5 it appeals to my darkness. One of my favorite artifacts. Maybe one mana too steep but that flavor, plus it has homes in certain decks ;)
Posted By: Silence9 (12/30/2013 2:30:38 PM)


A card venerating the undying nature of horror monsters in Hollywood.

Just wait for Creepy Doll 14: Revengeance. They go to space in that one!
Posted By: Ferlord (8/14/2013 5:42:53 AM)


This with Stolen Identity = a Dr.Who style army of these... bonus points if you make a custom Creepy Doll Token. Double Strike doubles your chances. Casual fun classic watch out forTragic Slip!
Posted By: TowerDefender (6/13/2013 10:31:53 AM)


"If Creepy Doll deals combat damage to a player, flip a coin. If you win the flip, that player loses the game."

This would have been great, but randomness on losses and the ability to make it unblockable unfortunately make that unfeasible. So sad =(
Posted By: LordRandomness (5/6/2013 6:17:34 PM)


I LOVE this card. But it's completely unplayable. Wizards, please print a bunch of coin flipping, awesomely dumb, playable cards (Don't even have to be tier 1), and in your honor I will win a Pro Tour with them.

Posted By: danthebeliever (3/20/2013 8:21:38 AM)


Should have said "target opponent sacrifices that creature" or "creepy doll can block any number of creatures (ok...broken. Maybe just two to cancel out the half deathtouch and make it more fun)
Posted By: Hercynian (1/15/2013 7:35:36 PM)


Imagining this thing killing Emrakul, the Aeons Torn (it could happen!) is simultaneously hilarious and terrifying.
Posted By: Aburaishi (10/29/2012 5:06:02 PM)


Picture: High Octane Nightmare Fuel
Effect: Nightmare Retardant
Posted By: Axelle (8/9/2012 8:54:32 PM)


Why not plain deathtouch?
Posted By: talcumpowder0046 (8/2/2012 8:54:39 AM)


Oh hey, it actually does have a ruined eye.
Posted By: mutantman (7/27/2012 10:49:04 AM)


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