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According to the design article, it was originally a chainsaw, but for me, this is a lot more frightening, as far as horror tropes and themes are concerned. With a chainsaw, it's supposed to be destructive (tearing flesh instead of clean cutting like a scalpel), not very subtle, and you can't sneak up on someone with this. Trepanation Blade is a medical tool. Not only are old-age medical practices are barbaric and creepy as hell ("Anesthetic? What's that? Strap 'im down while I bonesaw his arm, boys!"), medical tools are held by people that you're supposed to trust, namely doctors. You don't trust people holding chainsaws.

As far as the card is concerned, I get a similar reaction to seeing it in my opponent's control.
Posted By: Toquinha1977 (10/3/2011 8:01:41 AM)



Actually, it is The Mill Drill.
Posted By: Melanchior (11/9/2011 12:50:59 PM)


Sword of the Hedron Crab
Posted By: Kryptnyt (10/5/2011 2:28:47 PM)


Go Trepanation Blade! Yours is the drill that will pierce the Heavens!
Posted By: Hylebos (11/18/2011 9:43:44 AM)


The real gem here is attaching this to a Zombie with an Undead Alchemist on the board.
Attack > mill a creature or two and a land > put zombies into play > if the zombie connects, mill some more cards for more zombies. Once you have enough zombies. Unsummon the Alchemist.

@ Alsebra:
Note: the land that gets revealed gets put into the graveyard as well.

@ Faralay:
That's his point. Trepanation blade fills your opponents graveyard with useful stuff. ((defending player))
Posted By: roguepariah (9/23/2011 10:36:56 AM)


This card is an absolute miracle in limited.

Oh yeah I'm gonna do damage, and I'm going to mill your already small library. Oh and do more damage.

I've seen this win games almost single-handedly; either through damage, or by decking the opponent. It's just the best of both worlds.
Posted By: BrightOrangePants (10/2/2011 6:28:29 PM)


I need this card like I need a hole in the head.
Posted By: Studoku (6/12/2012 5:02:21 PM)


It's not bad but it's not as good as I initially thought either after some sealed deck practice. It's good in the role of "bonus damage on your evasive guys", usually from +1/+0 to +4/+0 per turn. But it's inconsistent when you really need those 2-3+ extra points of damage, so you can't always count on it.

That being said, I did have one game where it randomly gave +9/+0 and led to a victory out of nowhere. So if you're facing someone with this (in Limited/casual) it's probably best not to take that chance - block the creature if possible.
Posted By: nemokara (9/23/2011 7:09:49 PM)


A fun toy for geth, lord of the vault.
Posted By: Zoltantf (9/24/2011 12:41:19 PM)


To the tune of "Alouette:"

It's the new sensation!
This is how you play!

Drill into opponent's head,
mill his deck until he's dead
Drill his head!
(drill his head)
'Till he's dead!
(till he's dead)


It's the new sensation!
It's the one for me!
Posted By: The_Stray (11/11/2011 6:36:17 PM)


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Random mill+ utility is not bad in formats with a lot of scry, especially later game where scry is usually putting all the lands on the bottom. I think my biggest problem with it is the fact that the play cost is higher than the equip cost. Should be {2} equip {3} or, hell, {2} equip {2}. The latter would make it better against Legacy decks like dredge and belcher. That being said, it might not be too bad in vintage, since there is so much nonland mana acceleration (but then again, this is vintage, whether or not you get your value with this before hitting a land is probably the least of your concerns.)
Posted By: Drewskithelegend (4/7/2014 4:53:30 PM)


Great sideboard material against Goblin Charbelcher decks.

In all seriousness, though, the Mill Drill is a really versatile card. For a while, I didn't care that it milled the cards you reveal, I just liked that you got +2, +3, or sometimes even +4/+0 whenever you attack. That alone is really powerful in an aggressive deck. It had a spot for quite a while in my Rakdos, Lord of Riots EDH deck.
But my favorite thing is how versatile it is. It can supply an alternate damage strategy to a mill deck, or an alternate milling strategy to an aggressive deck. I've seen both done, and they're funny. This is one of the only cards that has let me win against an infinite lifegain combo.
Posted By: SirLibraryEater (3/4/2014 6:42:13 PM)


Nasty with Vulturous Zombie! Let's say they mill 5 cards when your flying zombie attacks. He would get 5 +1/+1 counters AND +5/+0 for the turn, attacking for 13. Rinse, repeat.
Posted By: questionflanger (2/18/2014 10:50:13 PM)


11/21/2011 10:24:50 AM
i bought 4 of these prior to the draft and they sit nicely in my unblockable deck.

I drafted one of these and an Inquisitor's Flail. Had the luck of dropping both of these on a Stitched Drake and went to town... got 8 damage off in the first shot... he then naturalized my flail... lol poor choice, apparently-- thy mighty mill sword swung for 21 damage + the drakes power.
double strike does NOT make it mill twice, you declare your attacker once--that is when the trepanation blade triggers. the damage boost will stick though cause the damage to hit twice, granted, if you're attacker is still there.
Posted By: raptorman333 (11/15/2013 8:55:28 AM)


for those unaware, trepanation is the process of boring a hole in the skull
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (9/19/2013 6:02:49 PM)


The other love of my life.

In a knight deck (no doubt with double strike and indestructibility as any self respecting knight deck would) this card will have your opponent's crapping their pants trying to run away.


1)it mills
2)creature gets +1/+0 per card milled
3)only costs 3

Double strike and protection from colors (whichever ones depends on your knight) makes a broken combo.
(by the way, double strike makes it mill twice, and the tempy counters stack.)
Posted By: Vastator (9/18/2013 10:38:39 AM)


Doesn't that belong to Dinobot?
Posted By: Kirbster (9/11/2013 12:55:19 PM)


This is always fun in my Aurelia, the Warleader EDH deck
Posted By: TheWaddleDeeKing (7/31/2013 9:08:43 PM)


This card is great and my friends always moan when it comes out.
Posted By: Dragonshoredreamz (6/13/2013 5:15:47 PM)


Flying Dropkick when equipped to Szadek, Lord of Secrets!!
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (3/2/2013 4:18:43 PM)


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