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Guys, I just realized if you play Vital Splicer and Blade Splicer at the same time, it pretty much turns your golems into Wolverine.

Posted By: Specter_Fanatic13 (5/15/2012 11:12:42 PM)


My fliskerwisp/Glimmerpoint Stag deck likes this. Not as big a deal as flipping a morphed Imperial Hellkite, but more repeatable.
Posted By: kiseki (3/15/2012 5:35:20 PM)


Seems like she may have a little last moment in the sun before rotation with various White midrange strategies being well poised in early Avacyn Restored and Sun Titan and Restoration Angel kicking around to abuse her ETB effect.
Posted By: Lyoncet (5/20/2012 4:37:18 PM)


I don't know about you guys but I would play this even outside of a golem deck. for three mana, you're getting two creatures. that's card advantage.
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (8/17/2011 11:07:30 PM)


3/3 first stike plus a 1/1 for 3 converted mana cost is very good. I've been frustrated playing against this creature many times.
Posted By: Adallace (9/12/2011 8:10:33 PM)


This card is pretty ridiculous: A 3/3 first striker and a 1/1. It, Master Splicer, and Wing Splicer are the only splicers you'll ever need.
Posted By: bay_falconer (7/14/2012 2:45:57 PM)


Just doesn't seem fair, does it, getting a 3/3 first strike golem for 3 mana with an additional 1/1 body. There is so much that the golem can block and kill that it's a nightmare for aggro decks to deal with, as well as being very good in aggro decks themselves. Restoration Angel and Cloudshift only makes it even better.

The best thing is, a lot of novice players have no idea how to deal with it. They often kill the golem, rather than the splicer itself. That often wins me the game right there.
Posted By: JasonPaul601 (7/28/2012 9:53:36 AM)


MasterOfEtherium has apparently been compleated by the Phyrexians.....
Posted By: Enchantment_Removal (5/12/2011 12:14:12 PM)


This seems to ramp out nicely into a T4 Shape Anew into a Blightsteel Colossus. 'Specially because Blighty is a golem himself. OBVIOUSLY the only thing an 11/11 trample/infect/indestructible was lacking was first strike to be playable.
Posted By: MrBarrelRoll (5/2/2011 10:51:55 PM)


@PhyrexianFailure: Not to mention Etched Monstrosity
Posted By: ThisisSakon (4/28/2011 5:42:57 PM)