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This token (and the Pegasus Token too) was also included on Anthologies Box Set too (5 of each token) the tokens came with the silver border and collector number taken from Unglued (92/94 collector number for goblin token)
all othes Anthologies cards came with white border and no collector number

but you can't serarch for Anthologies set with gathered.wizards.com

Anthologies Box Set

Preconstructed Anthologies Theme Decks

Posted By: WiZaRdSaiLoR (11/24/2009 8:42:37 AM)


@Aaron_Forsythe: Although I don't run any silver-bordered cards in normal decks, a couple, such as Mine, Mine, Mine and Ach! Hans, Run! work perfectly in my Chaos Magic set. For that reason alone I am glad for the sets' existence. In addition, some of the cards I just like having in my binder because they're so hilarious, such as Topsy Turvy.

As for the "proving ground," I very much like that. Thank you to The Cheese Stands Alone for Barren Glory, and thank you for tokens. I very much prefer it when players use tokens, as particularly in multiplayer a bunch of beads, flipped over cards from your graveyard, or Munchkin cards work fine when only one player has a token producer, but gets needlessly complicated with multiple different ones abounding. I know I've made a fair share of game mistakes because I misremembered what another player's token was. That's why I always have tokens h... (see all)
Posted By: sarroth (6/2/2011 11:58:13 PM)


I'm wondering why only the Unglued token is included here.

Maybe either because it shows nothing but a picture while the others are visibly 1/1 Goblin creatures, or (which i suspect to be more likely) because it's the only card that could be found in a booster with the original card back, while the others aren't considered actual magic cards for having a special expansion set image on the back instead?
Although this is true for the Shards of Alara and Tenth Edition one, i don't exctly know what's on the back of those from Elves vs. Goblins (although the art is identifac to the Tenth Edition one), and especially not that from the 2003 Player Rewards (which has the Legions expansion symbol).

Possibly this means the Unglued ones will stay the only tokens to be found in Gatherer, although i'd love to see the others as well.
Posted By: Mode (8/7/2009 3:20:01 PM)


Aaron’s Random Card Comment of the Day #61, 2/8/11

The Unglued set is oft-maligned, but even if you aren’t the kind of player that uses goofy silvered-bordered cards you should appreciate the number of “real” designs that have grown out the experimentation of the Un- sets. They’re like Mark Rosewater’s personal proving ground, somewhere he can try things outside of the box that existing rules or product specs can’t handle to see if players like them, at which point the necessary steps can be taken to make them “real.”

These tokens are one of the best examples of said experiments. At that point, card-sized tokens hadn’t been included in any product, so Mark commissioned a handful of full-frame art for just that purpose. His layout has not text on it whatsoever, leaving their use open-ended. Later iterations of the printed token, including the ones used for Magic Player Rewards giveaways and the modern “Tips, Tricks, and Tokens” cards in boosters, built ... (see all)
Posted By: Aaron_Forsythe (2/8/2011 11:18:42 PM)


Some Un-tokens see play to this very day: Goblin, Soldier, Zombie... and others just get banished to the dust of history... Squirrel, Sheep...

Tokens are awesome, to be sure... If that were not the case, there would be no hunting for the super sexy New Phyrexia goblins or the elusive M12 6/6 Wurms... or the ever in demand 3/3 Lifelink and Deathtouch Wurms...

Posted By: ong312 (8/1/2011 12:01:24 AM)


@ Aaron:

Although I like the idea of tokens, I don't like the numbers of token cards. What I really hate are cards that put copies of other complex card into play (see Mirrorworks).

Several years ago, there were no token cards at all, but we've decided to get vanilla creatures from the core set and give them the role of tokens. Goblin Scouts brings in 1/1 goblins with mountainwalk, so we used Goblin Mountaineer to represent these tokens. Likewise Mons's Goblin Raiders, Willow Elf and Scathe Zombies. The problem was that all these cards have a mana cost and are "real" cards. Some cards back then weren't able to handle non-cards aka. tokens (see Flicker).

I would appreciate a solution, where R&D finds a way to allow the vanilla creatures in the core set to represent tokens. Not only would this give those cards some value, it also de... (see all)
Posted By: Cheza (8/1/2011 11:41:48 AM)