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I hate this card, I hate it with my very soul. When I first saw "Better than bears" (eg Nest invader) I thought "That's fair, 2/2 for 2 isn't very powerful and other colours should have it as weel." But I felt that the centaur could not be bested. It was a 3/3 for 3 in green and that is as good as 2{g} would get. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! A 3/3 for 3, in white, which enables 1 sided wraths, and counters spells (in white!) and has no flavour other than the tf2 referance. I hate it. 0.5/5
Posted By: MCcreator (2/5/2013 10:37:10 AM)


The second ability on this card is nuts. It's exactly why you want to use him.

I am not convinced Battalion is any good. Once people get punished by any battalion effects, the metagame will simply respond in kind and make sure you never get it triggered at least 50% of the time, making him just a 3/3 for 3 with an ability that may or may not be relevant depending on who you are playing.

So, while he has the potential to be a 5/5 card, I'll just give him a 4/5 because battalion sucks.
Posted By: RiftenBlack (1/23/2013 1:32:26 AM)


Retardedly good and atrociously designed. The article on it infuriated me. "We needed a creature to have that hosing Variable Colorless mechanic so we made this." ***. You made this because you were high and wanted something higher than you. 3/3 for 3 is already fair. Everything you control is indestructible when attacking is stupid good. "Target player pays 3 more for his Variable Colorless spell" is just there to hopefully distract players from the obscenely powerful card that has to be a misprint, because there's no way you actually made something that repeatedly makes all of your creature's indestructible for 3 mana and slapped it onto a stupid efficient body.

Shame on you, Wizards. Shame. On. You.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (2/1/2013 10:20:58 AM)


I totally agree with Doragon Shinzui, why have they made this card so brocken and senseless? First, indestructible is no medical healing, it's prevention! The counter ability also doesn't fit well with this piece of crap, sorry, card. And finally, why is he a 3/3? On the one hand, it could have been a 1/3, 2/2 or whatever as well; on the other hand, the body is not even falvour-wise. 3/3 is just too good. There's not even a try to balance it.

1/5 stars. I rate cards not depending on it's power level alone but depending on the balance, art, flavour and creativity. Probably a few other people are rating with the same method, that could be the reason why the rating is under 4 as some wonder why this is so.
Posted By: Hancocky (2/3/2013 4:10:55 PM)


I'm sorry, but this is just evidence of lazy designing. If you don't want your stupid OP mythics to wreck everything, DON'T PRINT THEM.
Posted By: OrgasmandTea (2/4/2013 2:14:25 PM)


I thought TimmyForever got banned considering the numerous comments he made on RTR cards that were removed.

Anyways, his last ability clearly shows he's a burn medic.
Posted By: Moxxy (1/22/2013 9:09:52 PM)


If there's one thing that's a problem with Battalion, it's that you have to put your creatures under fire. Sure, you can attack with your Legion Loyalist, but you're probably going to lose him to a blocker.

Medic just takes all that worry and shoves it to the side. Since none of your creatures will die, you've got nearly nothing to worry about. Not only that, but if you're desperately in need of another Battalion effect to activate but you have a fragile 1/1 that you don't want to lose, well... now there's nothing to worry about!

There's really nothing to say about the restricted Mana Leak. I know this will become a Standard staple. I just hope whoever is rating all of the cards down to less than 4 stars could stop.
Posted By: Ferlord (1/24/2013 8:36:06 PM)


In other words, more monowhite counters. Hooray!
Posted By: pedrodyl (1/26/2013 8:45:13 PM)


Frontline Medic + Geist of Saint Traft -> Indestructible attackers every turn swinging for 9 per turn ! Winning !
Posted By: buzzgsc (1/27/2013 10:07:56 AM)


i put 4 of him in my boros cleric deck. with battalion, if your opponent blocks, you can finish off his creatures with a burn spell. if he doesn't, then it's at least 5 damage (3+1+1) directly. your creatures are unharmed regardless. even though the indestructibility is only for one turn, it protects your attackers from deathtouch and first strike. it also forces your opponent to play creature removal on their turn instead of yours, using up their mana pool. the counter ability just makes it sweeter. any battalion deck would find this useful. 5/5 :p
Posted By: RDorothy (1/27/2013 4:42:52 PM)