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Regardless of personal opinions, it is a good card. Too good, perhaps, but last time I checked, 'too good' doesn't translate to 'bad'. You mightn't like to admit it, but this is a very good card. 4.5/5.
Posted By: SteveHiguita (2/11/2013 6:01:06 AM)


The haters are acting like this thing has hexproof or something. You could kill it in response to the battalion trigger or even with sorcery-speed removal on your own turn.

Oh yeah, and as if one-sided board wipe is unique to this card.
Posted By: james2c19v (2/27/2013 6:36:01 AM)


Just pulled a copy of this guy and so far, I'm stoked. I put him in a Five-Alarm Fire deck that focuses on tokens. Now, all my tokens don't have to commit suicide to make the enchantment work. STOKED!!
Posted By: Smoke_Stack (3/3/2013 2:52:34 PM)


just as a 3/3 for splashable 3cmc, solid. rare with the first ability alone. the second one is just gravy. or vice versa.
Posted By: raptorman333 (3/27/2013 8:42:18 AM)


Posted By: Arachnos (4/9/2013 10:52:55 PM)


When is the indestructible ability triggered? What happens if I drop a Turn to Frog or Simic Charm after the attack has been declared?
Posted By: KribatiOmega (5/7/2013 9:12:53 AM)


Odric can't be happier
Posted By: Landmine (6/3/2013 4:53:11 AM)


Why is he a 3/3? He should be at least 1WW. Why is a human as strong as a hill giant!?!?!
Posted By: SAUS3 (6/25/2013 6:50:18 AM)


It's easy to overlook that he's a splashable 3/3 for 3, making it safe and easy to swing every turn? Brutal.
Posted By: blurrymadness (7/8/2013 8:40:25 AM)


Bonfire be damned!
Posted By: Mirrordin_Pure (7/15/2013 9:33:48 PM)