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This is so mean... Serendib Djinn
Posted By: Fallout90 (4/23/2013 12:40:43 AM)


Seems a bit ridiculous. Sure there a bunch of interactions you could do, but in the end, he could die and your opponents have your stuff. This just isn't as fun as the other commanders they've made.
Posted By: Beastlygreen (6/19/2011 10:26:18 AM)


Darksteel Relic, Steel Golem, Jinxed Idol, After you played a Sleeper Agent, Bronze Bombshell, Thought Lash, Auras, Rainbow Vale, Illusions of Grandeur, Phage the Untouchable, Lich.
Posted By: ilovealara (7/2/2012 7:54:41 AM)


Zedruu can be interesting... but only if it sticks. If Zedruu gets removed, the deck effectively shuts down because you don't want any of the stuff in play under your own control. Hard to build win conditions outside of Zedruu. Combat damage is nearly out of the question in these colors. Commander damage... not a chance.
Posted By: eksentrysyti (7/15/2012 2:24:56 AM)


Red White & Blue.

America likes to donate to the same people they ruin so yeah fits the theme
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (6/3/2013 3:37:34 AM)


Once upon a time I was playing a 4 player edh match on octgn. One of the players was playing Nylea, God of the Hunt and had out a primalcrux, a Khalni Hydra, a Terra Stomper and a bunch of other scary but less notable stuff. All I had was a Celestial Dawn a Phyrexian Metamorph'd Primalcrux, and zedruu with around 3 donated cards floating around. Obviously his board position was scary, I had a choice, lock him with a celestial dawn, or lose (he was gunning for me because of a previous game) so I donated celestial dawn to him, and slapped down Solitary Confinement to stop the inevitable onslaught of hate. He didn't understand how celestial dawn prevents you from generating colored mana if you're not playing white. Once he figured it out, he got ***ed, really ***ed. He started attacking me despite the fact that it did nothing, then he made about 100 copies of celestial dawn, spelled the F word with them, dragged them over my board, passed control to me, and left the game. We couldn't fi... (see all)
Posted By: Lazrbeams (2/12/2014 6:54:02 AM)


@TwentyFifthBaam Fun fact! Saving someone with Lich's Mirror when they're losing as a result of commander damage causes the mirror to FOLD TIME AND SPACE IN ON ITSELF and end the entire game in a draw. This is due to the nature of commander damage functioning similar to poison counters, two things that the mirror cannot get rid of. Therefore the game initiates an infinite loop which ends in a draw. That's right! Your hugs deck does indeed have a way to end the game.
Posted By: Syrtees (2/15/2014 6:48:26 PM)


Maybe I'm stupid but I really don't understand how illusions of grandeur is at all useful in this deck. You gain 20 life, pass it off to your opponent, they gain control of the upkeep... They don't pay it, you lose 20 life. Please someone explain to me how this is useful?

edit: @arazeal,
ah makes sense! didn't think about the you transferring. thanks :)
Posted By: DeathByMongoose (3/31/2014 4:55:29 PM)


This card is awakening the Johnny in me. People talk so much about how political puppets is the weakest deck, I want to buy it and tweek the **** out of it, just to prove that this can actually work.
@So what if he dies? You just summon him again, as I'd assume he is your general in EDH.

He has political use in multiplayer, but the REAL challenge is making him work in 1on1. A commander centered around donate, this is definitely interesting.
Posted By: Sironos (7/5/2011 4:16:20 PM)


The card is interesting but I can't get over how this Minotaur goat thing has people boobs.
Posted By: axiobeta (7/17/2011 3:20:17 PM)