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Posted By: Hayw00d0909 (10/2/2011 8:26:45 PM)


Holy shiz, sun titan is looking good right about now.

EDIT: Worst case scenario has actually popped up in EDH.

Sun Titan recurring our friend Snappy here and flashing back a planar cleansing
Posted By: starfox444 (10/19/2011 6:41:23 AM)


basically Chinese Jace. :P
Posted By: ParallaxtheRevan (8/3/2012 11:58:28 AM)


The power of asians never disappoints.
Posted By: 001010011100101110 (8/14/2012 9:11:41 PM)


how has no one made this reference in a horror theme?

Posted By: acemanner (9/23/2011 7:12:49 PM)


This guys stands out in Innstrad for one very important reason: it's a card that decks (of his color) in every format want want to get their grubby paws on. Like, every single one. His low CMC and ability to pretty much let you respond to any threat ever with exactly what you need make him the most versatile card for standard in the set. Once the dust settles two years from now, he's probably going to be the one card that people think of when they think Innistrad.
Posted By: Lyoncet (9/22/2011 3:24:33 PM)


the Snapcaster (Tiago) is obviously a great card. Many people compare it to other nice 2-drops like Tarmogoyf, Stoneforge Mystic and Dark Confidant.

I'll give him a 4.5. Now I explain why:

The Snapcaster is a great card, but compared to the other ones it is not a real 2-drop. Whenever you play 'em you really want to benefit from it's ETB effect. In Turn 2 you really cannot use the ability due to none Snapcaster Magable spells in your graveyeard. Logically you can't use this before turn 3, unless you have any mana accelerators or free spells. The fact that it isn't a 2-drop let me say that it's 0.5 points worse than Tarmogoyf or Dark Confidant.

A real plus to this card is that you don't really have to build a deck around it (in opposite to Stoneforge Mystic or even Dark Confidant). Surely you need a deck with many good Instants and some Sorceries. The cards you flashback with it are great instant or s... (see all)
Posted By: Joerg-Hein (10/26/2011 9:47:52 AM)


Use this to flashback Past in Flames. Just 'cuz.
Posted By: PcvsApple (11/26/2011 10:47:02 AM)


I think it's great that Blue finally gets good creatures. Snapcaster does what Blue's already doing; casting spells. Cards like Delver of Secrets on the other hand don't feel very blue at all.
Posted By: troll_berserker (7/27/2013 4:13:33 AM)


This card is the apex of Blue's power: seemingly innocuous on the surface, but when dug a little deeper, and in the right hands of a true adept at Magic, it's a force more virulent than you can endure. Trust me.
Posted By: TastetheJace (6/20/2012 12:48:53 AM)


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Just a fantastic card. Rating this below 4.5 is either due to saltiness or lack of understanding

Consider the following
This+ Twiddle= Deceiver Exarch
This+ Thoughtseize is very much like a Vendillion Clique effectively you pay 2 life to deny the draw, power is reduced and doesn't have flying.
This+Any 2 mana counterspell is like Mystic Snake
This+Cruel Ultimatum is roughly Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur... Well ok, it's not really equivalent, but that's the sort of craziness this card is capable of
And that's just comparing it to successful creatures with flash and ETB effects. Note that the portion of the power 9 that aren't artifacts all have obscenely low costs. So do Lightning BoltReanimateSwords to PlowsharesMana DrainRemand and for tha... (see all)
Posted By: Drewskithelegend (4/10/2014 4:12:45 PM)


EDIT: @Enelysios

Look at mtgoacademy's Deck Tech section. Blue/white/red control is in the 4-0's almost every single day. So is Twin-mite and Faries. All of these run 4X Snapcaster Mage. Jund shows up too, but with the loss of Deathrite Shaman, the only 4-of is Liliana (which in my opinion, should also be banned). Dark confidant is up there, but requires your deck be specifically built to use it. Otherwise, Jund has incredibly diverse deck lists, and so does Birthing Pod for that matter, while control is almost guaranteed to have at least 12-20 cards in common with last year's world champion deck. Zoo is almost never represented in the 4-0 or even 3-1's of the dailies. You see Zoo in pro events, but it's competitiveness at these events has more to do with the skill of the player than the ability to look up decks on the internet, otherwise, it would be more represented in dailies.

Abrupt decay is ok, but it is specifically designed to combat control decks, against any other deck, it... (see all)
Posted By: hypa_dude (3/22/2014 11:38:15 PM)


EDIT: @Hypa_dude: Its not banned because Modern needs it. If the modern format loses any of its powerful control pieces, Zoo and Jund decks are going to turn the format into something too fast and unplayable. Snapcaster is in some ways the Force of Will of Modern. Without powerful control cards, the eternal formats degenerate into the first player to go winning.

Cyclonic rift may be one of the best EDH removal cards, but its not the best removal in the game, that's a joke. Jund colors are where destruction is at in modern. Abrupt Decay and lightning bolt specifically. Green gets the best creatures in terms of bodies. The 2/1 body is nice, but its not why people are running snappy. Wild Nacatl is an example of one of green's beastly creatures. At the time I am writing this control is not faring overly well in modern, its all birthing pod decks and a bit of Naya ... (see all)
Posted By: Enelysios (3/22/2014 8:19:52 PM)


Everyone's getting all mad at wizards for printing this. "Should have been red," say some. "Shouldn't have been a creature," say others.

But it wasn't wizards' fault. Tiago Chan designed this card.
Posted By: FlingIt (3/1/2014 11:57:49 PM)


Really should have been red. Giving temporary flashback is NOT a blue ability. Even in block we have the example of Past in Flames, and as a further way of throwing it in Red's face, reprinting Recoup in Sorin vs. Tibalt. Give us a damn break and stop favoring Blue so damn much.
Posted By: Goatllama (2/17/2014 9:44:37 PM)


A super-powerful card that likely shouldn't have been printed in its current form. Ironically, this remains legal in Modern while the card meant to answer it was recently banned.
Posted By: Continue (2/8/2014 6:42:19 PM)


Instant-speed Regrowth in blue? I'll take four. Ironic that Regrowth is restricted in vintage while Snapcaster Mage and Burning Wish are not.
Posted By: Fermidirac (1/29/2014 10:53:08 AM)


@Khazpar: Because having 1/2 stats would make it even easier to break with combos.
Posted By: MizziumSculptor444 (12/16/2013 3:03:04 PM)


Wizards, did you really need to give this guy 2 power? He still would have seen a ton of play with a power of 0, I think a power of 1 would have been fine.
Posted By: Khazpar (12/7/2013 6:33:45 PM)


Anyone who voted this card less than 5/5 either doesn't understand its power, or is hate rating it.

This is the best creature in all of Magic, no card could deserve the rating more.

There may come a day when it is proven that Emrakul, the Aeons Torn is better, but that just hasn't happened yet. Vintage Champs 2013 is next month, and we will have to see what happens. You better believe that Snapcaster will be in at least some of the Top 8 decks again though.

The reason this guy is so good, is because it gets more powerful the better the instants/sorceries you are working with are (closer to Vintage). For 3 mana this atom bomb of a card can flashback an Ancestral Recall and give you a 2/1 beater and 3 card draw (again since you already cast it). When you are drawing things like the Moxen, Tinker, Time Vault, Time Walk, etc. then it starts to become clear why this is such a powerful... (see all)
Posted By: FlashCaster (10/27/2013 5:29:47 AM)


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