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Myr Superion:
Not too hard to pay {0} with mana generated by creatures!
Posted By: Magic-Master (8/17/2011 11:55:57 PM)


@GeronimoMartinez: This does not affect CMC, thats a characteristic of the card. It only affects how much how much you have to pay for that card. So even if I have this out, my opponent still couldn't Smother my creature with CMC 4, even if I only paid 2.
And as far as the Everflowing Chalice debate goes, use both. Kicker is part of the casting costs (as an additional but optional cost), which means if you choose to pay the Multikicker, that becomes part of its cost to cast the spell (making its casting cost 2). Semblance Anvil clearly states it costs 2 less to cast, so you get the first kicker free.
Posted By: ZestuXIII (8/2/2011 7:29:04 PM)


who likes playing free/dirt cheap colorless spells? everybody!
Posted By: tantallum99 (8/21/2011 4:57:08 AM)


Goblin is a creature type, and not a card type. So your goblin creature spells will not be discounted.

This card is alright. Makes for some nice redundancy in a Heartless Summoning deck that needs it.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (4/5/2012 7:28:39 PM)


This card works with tribal, artifact, and combo deck. Highly versatile.
Posted By: Cyberium (9/23/2010 5:54:00 PM)


@ CeremonialBathory, some clarification: It does reduce ALL Artifact AND all Creature spells by 2, but it does not reduce all Artifact Creatures by 4. As is clearly stated in the rules, it can only affect one type.

This card is basically Mana Matrix, Planar Gate, and a better version of Stone Calendar for only 3 mana.
Posted By: endersblade (6/17/2011 11:46:10 AM)


The reason to use this over Everflowing Chalice, and the reason that this is better than an Everflowing Chalice for 4 is: this REDUCES THE COST of ALL spells you cast of the imprinted type(s). You can cast 2 mana or less artifacts for free, if you cast only one spell of the type, you may as well have just used the chalice, if you cast two, your mana savings is 100% more than using the chalice, if you cast three its 200% more. If all I wanted was two extra mana, I'd play Palladium Myr, but if I want to play a large number of spells in one turn, the Anvil is vastly superior.
Posted By: Atali (2/27/2011 7:21:23 PM)


If I've got two of these on the field, both exiling one type, that reduces costs by 4, correct?
Posted By: kor6sic6 (10/14/2011 8:42:32 AM)


@Bandswithother - An artifact creature shares a type with both creatures and artifacts. If you exile an artifact creature like a Myr with this card, it will reduce all Artifact costs by 2 and all Creature costs by 2. So, you're assumption is correct.
Posted By: CeremonialBathory (9/24/2010 12:25:14 AM)


I guess a ruling will have to be made for this card, because I read it as only lowering a cost by {2} no matter how manner types the spell shares with the imprinted card. Otherwise I'd expect it to read "spells you cast cost {2} less to cast for each type it shares with the exiled card" and not have flavor text to make up for the extra wordiness.
Posted By: sarroth (9/30/2010 12:57:35 PM)


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Just to clarify, this will only work on card types, not creature types or anything of the sort. So any artifact, creature, enchantment, sorcery, instant, legendary, planeswalker, snow, tribal, etc.

I like the idea of potentially making cheap artifacts and artifact creatures 0 to cast. Overpowered? Not at all. Overbalanced? Maybe, lol. It's a decent card at best, imo. 3.5/5
Posted By: SolidSoldier (10/22/2010 3:42:40 PM)


This card's value is extremely underrated. Turn 3, and you can pretty much drop your had in a Myr tribal deck. With a deck that has some card draw integrated, the loss of card advantage shouldn't even be a problem. I have seen this card do some crazy things. 5/5
Posted By: mindguru (10/22/2010 2:22:35 PM)


Leaves you vulnerable, but good for combos.
Posted By: iondragonx (10/21/2010 3:11:46 PM)


to the person saying its not good in an aggro deck, I would disagree, this is pretty much good in almost any deck unless you went out of your way to make a deck crap with this card.

I think it would be cool with tribal, although I'm not sure how much application you would get from that. unless you used changling tribal cards and tribal artifact equipment for near free tribal cards, maybe throw in overbeing of myth as well. but im sure there are way better applications then that
Posted By: Ava_Adore (10/21/2010 8:43:39 AM)


Run with Lucent Liminid in casual.
Posted By: tcollins (10/20/2010 11:46:56 AM)


I'm surprised only one person has commented on the implications this card has for the Rise of the Edrazi set. Exile any weak, run of the mill creature and there you go: your Eldrazi are now all 2 mana cheaper to cast. And let's not talk multiple Anvils...
Posted By: Shiresan (10/19/2010 11:24:17 AM)



Here is the official errata on this card from the MTG Scars of Mirrodin FAQ...
Spells you cast that share multiple card types with the exiled card still cost just {2} less to cast. They don't get a greater cost reduction.

no way is the Myr Battlesphere ever going to cost only {1}, lol.

if you imprint an Artifact Creature, your creature spells, artifact spells, and artifact creature spells all cost {2} less.

Posted By: MasterBlaster74 (10/18/2010 9:43:06 PM)


This card is card advantage suicide. I picked it late in a booster draft, after I had a deck very heavy with expensive artifacts and artifact creatures, including a Mindslaver, Darksteel Sentinel and two Argentum Armors. I only had three mana myr, so I figured this anvil would help accelerate me into the big stuff.

Nope, it was an albatross every time I drew it. I can't imagine any limited deck ever using benefiting from this, at least not in this block. After it cost me a match I swapped it and the Sentinel out for two Soul Parry's and finished in the money; I might've won had I not tried to use the anvil.
Posted By: BegleOne (10/17/2010 12:30:55 AM)


It's Dragonspeaker Shaman... for everything!
Posted By: boneclub (10/13/2010 1:55:33 PM)


one of these can make mana myrs like lands w/ summoning sickness, two can make a free lodestone and 3 of these can give you a big metal wurm... problem is if it was destroyed... does this mean you lose 1-4 cards per round?
Posted By: ReturnToSender (10/12/2010 5:43:52 AM)


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