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Armored Wolf-Rider
Armored Wolf-Rider 3GreenWhite (5)
Creature — Elf Knight (4/6)

Dragon's Maze (Common)
Aspect of Wolf
Aspect of Wolf 1Green (2)
Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +X/+Y, where X is half the number of Forests you control, rounded down, and Y is half the number of Forests you control, rounded up.

Fifth Edition (Rare)
Other Versions
Fourth Edition (Rare)Revised Edition (Rare)Unlimited Edition (Rare)Limited Edition Beta (Rare)Limited Edition Alpha (Rare)
Colfenor's Plans
Colfenor's Plans 2BlackBlack (4)

When Colfenor's Plans enters the battlefield, exile the top seven cards of your library face down.

You may look at and play cards exiled with Colfenor's Plans.

Skip your draw step.

You can't cast more than one spell each turn.

Lorwyn (Rare)
Colfenor's Urn
Colfenor's Urn 3 (3)

Whenever a creature with toughness 4 or greater is put into your graveyard from the battlefield, you may exile it.

At the beginning of the end step, if three or more cards have been exiled with Colfenor's Urn, sacrifice it. If you do, return those cards to the battlefield under their owner's control.

Lorwyn (Rare)
Darkthicket Wolf
Darkthicket Wolf 1Green (2)
Creature — Wolf (2/2)

2Green: Darkthicket Wolf gets +2/+2 until end of turn. Activate this ability only once each turn.

Innistrad (Common)
Fable of Wolf and Owl
Fable of Wolf and Owl 3Green or BlueGreen or BlueGreen or Blue (6)

Whenever you cast a green spell, you may put a 2/2 green Wolf creature token onto the battlefield.

Whenever you cast a blue spell, you may put a 1/1 blue Bird creature token with flying onto the battlefield.

Eventide (Rare)
Feral Ridgewolf
Feral Ridgewolf 2Red (3)
Creature — Wolf (1/2)


1Red: Feral Ridgewolf gets +2/+0 until end of turn.

Innistrad (Common)
Greater Werewolf
Greater Werewolf 4Black (5)
Creature — Werewolf (2/4)

At end of combat, put a -0/-2 counter on each creature blocking or blocked by Greater Werewolf.

Fifth Edition (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Homelands (Common)
Heart Wolf
Heart Wolf 3Red (4)
Creature — Wolf (2/2)

First strike

Tap: Target Dwarf creature gets +2/+0 and gains first strike until end of turn. When that creature leaves the battlefield this turn, sacrifice Heart Wolf. Activate this ability only during combat.

Homelands (Rare)
Howling Wolf
Howling Wolf 2GreenGreen (4)
Creature — Wolf (2/2)

When Howling Wolf enters the battlefield, you may search your library for up to three cards named Howling Wolf, reveal them, and put them into your hand. If you do, shuffle your library.

Magic: The Gathering—Conspiracy (Common)
Other Versions
Mercadian Masques (Common)
Immerwolf 1RedGreen (3)
Creature — Wolf (2/2)

Intimidate (This creature can't be blocked except by artifact creatures and/or creatures that share a color with it.)

Each other creature you control that's a Wolf or a Werewolf gets +1/+1.

Non-Human Werewolves you control can't transform.

Dark Ascension (Uncommon)
Kasimir the Lone Wolf
Kasimir the Lone Wolf 4WhiteBlue (6)
Legendary Creature — Human Warrior (5/3)

Legends (Uncommon)
Kessig Wolf
Kessig Wolf 2Red (3)
Creature — Wolf (3/1)

1Red: Kessig Wolf gains first strike until end of turn.

Innistrad (Common)
Kessig Wolf Run
Kessig Wolf Run (0)

Tap: Add 1 to your mana pool.

Variable ColorlessRedGreen, Tap: Target creature gets +X/+0 and gains trample until end of turn.

From the Vault: Twenty (Mythic Rare)
Other Versions
Innistrad (Rare)
Lesser Werewolf
Lesser Werewolf 3Black (4)
Creature — Werewolf (2/4)

Black: If Lesser Werewolf's power is 1 or more, it gets -1/-0 until end of turn and put a -0/-1 counter on target creature blocking or blocked by Lesser Werewolf. Activate this ability only during the declare blockers step.

Masters Edition III (Common)
Other Versions
Legends (Uncommon)
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 2Green (3)
Creature — Wolf (2/2)

You may have Lone Wolf assign its combat damage as though it weren't blocked.

Eighth Edition (Common)
Other Versions
Seventh Edition (Common)Starter 1999 (Common)Portal Three Kingdoms (Uncommon)Urza's Legacy (Uncommon)Portal Second Age (Uncommon)
Moonscarred Werewolf
Moonscarred Werewolf (0)
Creature — Werewolf (2/2)


Tap: Add GreenGreen to your mana pool.

At the beginning of each upkeep, if a player cast two or more spells last turn, transform Moonscarred Werewolf.

Dark Ascension (Common)
Nyxborn Wolf
Nyxborn Wolf 2Green (3)
Enchantment Creature — Wolf (3/1)

Bestow 4Green (If you cast this card for its bestow cost, it's an Aura spell with enchant creature. It becomes a creature again if it's not attached to a creature.)

Enchanted creature gets +3/+1.

Born of the Gods (Common)
Pyreheart Wolf
Pyreheart Wolf 2Red (3)
Creature — Wolf (1/1)

Whenever Pyreheart Wolf attacks, each creature you control can't be blocked this turn except by two or more creatures.

Undying (When this creature dies, if it had no +1/+1 counters on it, return it to the battlefield under its owner's control with a +1/+1 counter on it.)

Dark Ascension (Uncommon)
Rampaging Werewolf
Rampaging Werewolf (0)
Creature — Werewolf (6/4)

At the beginning of each upkeep, if a player cast two or more spells last turn, transform Rampaging Werewolf.

Innistrad (Common)
Rot Wolf
Rot Wolf 2Green (3)
Creature — Wolf (2/2)

Infect (This creature deals damage to creatures in the form of -1/-1 counters and to players in the form of poison counters.)

Whenever a creature dealt damage by Rot Wolf this turn dies, you may draw a card.

Mirrodin Besieged (Common)
Sacred Wolf
Sacred Wolf 2Green (3)
Creature — Wolf (3/1)

Hexproof (This creature can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control.)

Magic 2012 (Common)
Other Versions
Magic 2011 (Common)
Sapling of Colfenor
Sapling of Colfenor 3Black or GreenBlack or Green (5)
Legendary Creature — Treefolk Shaman (2/5)


Whenever Sapling of Colfenor attacks, reveal the top card of your library. If it's a creature card, you gain life equal to that card's toughness, lose life equal to its power, then put it into your hand.

Eventide (Rare)
Silverpelt Werewolf
Silverpelt Werewolf (0)
Creature — Werewolf (4/5)

Whenever Silverpelt Werewolf deals combat damage to a player, draw a card.

At the beginning of each upkeep, if a player cast two or more spells last turn, transform Silverpelt Werewolf.

Dark Ascension (Uncommon)
Solfatara 2Red (3)

Target player can't play land cards this turn.

Draw a card at the beginning of the next turn's upkeep.

Visions (Common)