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Aggressive Mining Akki Underling Apothecary Geist Armillary Sphere Artificer's Hex Battlegate Mimic Bite of the Black Rose Blood Moon Broken Ambitions Buried Ruin Ceta Sanctuary Chronomantic Escape Collected Company Conqueror's Flail Coordinated Barrage Copper Carapace Crawlspace Darigaaz's Caldera Dire Undercurrents Dispeller's Capsule Dromar's Cavern Earthquake Esper Panorama Etherium-Horn Sorcerer Evacuation Expedition Map Fervor Fire // Ice (Fire) Flight Spellbomb Forfend Glacial Fortress Glassdust Hulk Goblin Mime Goblin Vandal Heart-Piercer Bow Heat Shimmer Helionaut Helm of the Ghastlord Horizon Spellbomb Fire // Ice (Ice) Insist J├Âtun Grunt Kazandu Refuge Keldon Necropolis Keldon Twilight Khalni Gem Lithatog Loreseeker's Stone Magus of the Moon Mirror Golem Mistform Wall Molten Influence Moonwing Moth Morgue Toad Mountain Myr Battlesphere Nightsky Mimic Nihil Spellbomb Oblivion Ring Origin Spellbomb Ornithopter Overgrown Battlement Panic Spellbomb Phyrexia's Core Pitfall Trap Pledge of Loyalty Profane Memento Puncture Bolt Razor Boomerang Resplendent Mentor Revelsong Horn Riverfall Mimic Rocket-Powered Turbo Slug Rowen Runeflare Trap Scattering Stroke Scepter of Fugue Scourgemark Seal of the Guildpact Seer's Sundial Serpentine Basilisk Shade's Breath Shard of Broken Glass Shard Volley Shorecrasher Mimic Sludge Strider Snow-Covered Island Soratami Cloud Chariot Sphinx-Bone Wand Sword of the Meek Symbiotic Beast Temporal Mastery Thermal Blast Time Sieve Traveler's Amulet Tropical Island Twinning Glass Vial of Dragonfire Vial of Poison Virulent Sliver