"Jonas De Ro" (51)

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Abrade Ally Encampment Ash Barrens Blighted Fen Bontu's Monument Bounty of the Luxa Bring to Light Cinder Barrens Command Beacon Consulate Crackdown Day's Undoing Defense Grid Desert of the Glorified Drifting Meadow Heaven // Earth (Earth) Efficient Construction Evolving Wilds Fated Retribution Fetid Pools Font of Fortunes Forest Forsaken Sanctuary Hashep Oasis Heaven // Earth (Heaven) Hour of Promise Ifnir Deadlands Inspiring Vantage Inventors' Fair Irrigated Farmland Island Kor Haven Mountain Needle Spires No Mercy Oracle's Vault Peregrination Pharika's Chosen Plains Scouring Sands Shatter Sinkhole Spitfire Bastion Starstorm Sunset Pyramid Survivors' Encampment Swamp Territorial Hellkite Trove of Temptation Vance's Blasting Cannons Windstorm Wooded Foothills