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Absorb Vis Beastmaster's Magemark Bonded Fetch Canker Abomination Cascade Bluffs Cauldron Haze Elemental Emberwilde Augur Farhaven Elf Fencer's Magemark Festering March Glimpse the Unthinkable Gravelgill Duo Guardian's Magemark Hissing Iguanar Infiltrator's Magemark Island Jund Charm Lost Auramancers Maniacal Rage Mass Calcify Moonring Island Mountain Necromancer's Magemark Necromantic Thirst Obelisk of Jund Oracle of Nectars Presence of Gond Regal Force Rites of Flourishing Spiteful Visions Stormcaller's Boon Stronghold Rats Thunder-Thrash Elder Toxic Iguanar