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Æther Searcher (Aether Searcher) Aetherworks Marvel Ainok Artillerist Ajani's Mantra Ancient Crab Ancient Excavation Armory Automaton Assault Suit Avacyn's Collar Bonfire of the Damned Carnage Altar Crumble to Dust Death Denied Debtor's Pulpit Demolition Stomper Desert of the Indomitable Disaster Radius Eddytrail Hawk Eldrazi Temple Embermaw Hellion Engineered Explosives Eye of Ugin Filigree Crawler Firewing Phoenix Forest Genesis Wave Ghave, Guru of Spores Glacial Fortress Gone Missing Harrowing Journey Ipnu Rivulet Island Kabira Crossroads Magmatic Chasm Manticore of the Gauntlet Mask of Avacyn Moonsilver Spear Moorland Haunt Mortuary Mire Mountain Naturalize Norn's Annex Plains Pyretic Ritual Pyromancer's Goggles Razortip Whip Razorverge Thicket Rest for the Weary Sanctum of Ugin Scout the Borders Scytheclaw Searing Blaze Select for Inspection Siren Song Lyre Skullwinder Splitting Slime Steel Hellkite Swamp Temple of Malady Terminus Thorned Moloch Torrent Elemental Treasure Keeper Vexing Scuttler Visionary Augmenter Void Squall Wall of Omens Woodland Stream World Queller