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Abzan Advantage Abzan Beastmaster Acrobatic Maneuver Aethergeode Miner Aetherstream Leopard Anointed Deacon Arlinn Kord Arlinn, Embraced by the Moon Avacyn, Guardian Angel Azusa, Lost but Seeking Bear's Companion Blightcaster Blood Feud Blood-Cursed Knight Body Double Brilliant Spectrum Bruna, Light of Alabaster Call the Scions Captivating Crew Champion of Rhonas Chandra, Pyromaster Concordia Pegasus Contract Killing Custodi Soulcaller D'Avenant Trapper Deeproot Elite Driven // Despair (Despair) Driven // Despair (Driven) Dromoka's Gift Dusk Legion Zealot Elvish Rejuvenator Enthralling Victor Entrancing Melody Eternal Scourge Falkenrath Exterminator Fated Infatuation Favorable Winds Favored Hoplite Feed the Clan Fervent Strike Flameheart Werewolf Forlorn Pseudamma Frontline Rebel Gamble Garna, the Bloodflame Gearshift Ace Grim Captain's Call Heavy Mattock Heir of the Wilds Heirs of Stromkirk Hired Torturer House Guildmage Hyena Pack Incorrigible Youths Ivy Lane Denizen Izoni, Thousand-Eyed Join Shields Kessig Forgemaster Keymaster Rogue Lifecrafter's Gift Lightwalker Liliana's Influence Lost in a Labyrinth Mark of the Vampire Mesa Unicorn Mighty Leap Migratory Route Murderer's Axe Necropolis Regent Needletooth Raptor Oreskos Explorer Outland Boar Ovalchase Daredevil Painful Truths Paragon of Eternal Wilds Price of Fame Propeller Pioneer Prophet of Kruphix Queen's Agent Rakish Heir Regal Bloodlord Rhonas's Last Stand Ridgescale Tusker River Darter Sabertooth Outrider Sanctum Prelate Savannah Lions Selesnya Locket Seraph of the Suns Servant of the Scale Sharpened Pitchfork Sky Scourer Skymarcher Aspirant Smuggler Captain Squire's Devotion Stensia Innkeeper Succumb to Temptation Sweep Away Thought Harvester Torch Fiend