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Abandon Hope Accorder's Shield Akki Drillmaster Ambush Viper Angel's Feather Arcbound Hybrid Bamboozle Beacon of Unrest Blinkmoth Infusion Bonethorn Valesk Candles' Glow Cateran Summons Cephalid Constable Cephalid Scout Champion's Helm Circle of Protection: Green Copper Myr Crystal Quarry Cytoshape Deepwood Ghoul Deftblade Elite Dega Disciple Demon's Horn Desolation Giant Dragon's Claw Dunerider Outlaw Elder Druid Elder Pine of Jukai Ember Shot Eye of Nowhere Fierce Empath Firescreamer Flowstone Channeler Force Bubble Forest Fugue Ghoul's Feast Gold Myr Golden Wish Golem-Skin Gauntlets Goliath Spider Grifter's Blade Guardians of Akrasa Hobble Improvised Armor Iron Myr Island Ivory Cup Karn's Touch Karona's Zealot Kraken's Eye Leaden Myr Liberate Locust Miser Long-Forgotten Gohei Lore Broker Lumbering Satyr Mask of Memory Matsu-Tribe Decoy Mirror of Fate Mouth to Mouth Nether Spirit Neurok Hoversail Nightshade Assassin Noggin Whack Nova Cleric Orcish Bloodpainter Outrider of Jhess Overrule Palladium Myr Phantom Wurm Plague Wind Plains Plaxmanta Porphyry Nodes Power Matrix Prismatic Lens Profane Prayers Ramosian Lieutenant Rampant Elephant Razing Snidd Read the Runes Recoil Rejuvenation Chamber Rhystic Circle Rootgrapple Run Wild Sage of Lat-Nam Sawtooth Thresher Scale of Chiss-Goria Scavenged Weaponry Sea's Claim Shapesharer Shimmering Grotto Sigil of Distinction Silver Drake Silver Myr Skeletal Changeling Skittish Valesk Sleeper's Robe Snapback Sokenzan Renegade Spikeshot Goblin Spineless Thug Spontaneous Generation Story Circle Sudden Impact Sudden Spoiling Sudden Strength Survivor of the Unseen Swamp Tainted Isle Terrain Generator Timberland Ruins Tooth of Chiss-Goria Traveler's Amulet Treetop Scout Urborg Skeleton Veteran's Armaments Vigean Graftmage Votary of the Conclave Wall of Bone Waning Wurm Waste Away Wheel and Deal Whirlpool Drake Wirewood Channeler Woodripper Wurm's Tooth