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Ambuscade Shaman Back from the Brink Blood Baron of Vizkopa Brago's Representative Burning Anger Contagion Clasp Culling Dais Cultivate Disciple of the Old Ways Dragon Mantle Elgaud Shieldmate Executioner's Hood Firedrinker Satyr Friendly Fire Frightful Delusion Geist Trappers Glaring Aegis Heartless Summoning Infernal Offering Kolaghan Skirmisher Madcap Skills Pithing Needle Public Execution Repeal Resolute Archangel Rise to the Challenge Salt Road Quartermasters Scorchwalker Serra Ascendant Show of Valor Silent Artisan Sinister Possession Siren of the Silent Song Skyknight Legionnaire Slayer of the Wicked Sultai Scavenger Tormentor's Trident