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Accumulated Knowledge Afflicted Deserter Alchemist's Apprentice Apex Hawks Arashin Foremost Armed // Dangerous (Armed) Aven Squire Black Cat Blood-Chin Fanatic Calcite Snapper Cancel Celestial Purge Chief of the Edge Chief of the Scale Chimeric Mass Constricting Tendrils Armed // Dangerous (Dangerous) Dazzling Reflection Dead Reveler Deadly Wanderings Deathcult Rogue Deft Duelist Devout Invocation Dragon Hatchling Embodiment of Fury Expedition Envoy Fate Unraveler God-Favored General Haazda Snare Squad Hanweir Militia Captain Hot Soup Human Frailty Hunter's Ambush Jhessian Balmgiver Lost in the Mist Makindi Patrol Marked by Honor Marsh Threader Mausoleum Guard Medomai the Ageless Merciless Executioner Messenger Falcons Moorland Inquisitor Murderous Compulsion Nimbus Naiad Obelisk of Bant Ordeal of Nylea Phalanx Leader Priest of the Blood Rite Pyxis of Pandemonium Reave Soul Rockcaster Platoon Sanctuary Cat Seraph Sanctuary Serene Remembrance Shatterskull Recruit Shield of the Righteous Shielded by Faith Steeple Roc Stomping Ground Sundering Growth Thassa's Devourer Totally Lost Village Bell-Ringer Warclamp Mastiff Welcome to the Fold Welkin Guide Werewolf Ransacker Westvale Cult Leader Wooden Stake