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Æther Vial Akroma's Vengeance Anarchist Arrest Assert Authority Avatar of Me Aven Flock Aven Redeemer Aven Windreader Azorius Signet Beacon of Destiny Beacon of Destruction Blessing of the Nephilim Blinding Powder Bomb Squad Boros Signet Braidwood Cup Brain Freeze Breath of Darigaaz Bridge from Below Brown Ouphe Bubbling Muck Cabal Ritual Carnivorous Death-Parrot Ceta Disciple Order // Chaos (Chaos) Choice of Damnations Cho-Manno, Revolutionary Circle of Protection: Blue Circle of Solace Citanul Flute Clutch of Undeath Convalescent Care Corrupt Official Crossbow Infantry Custody Battle Daru Warchief Death Denied Death Pits of Rath Deepwood Elder Demoralize Devoted Retainer Dimir Signet Dosan's Oldest Chant Downhill Charge Druid's Call Dwarven Patrol Eager Cadet Ebony Owl Netsuke Elvish Guidance Elvish Lookout Epic Struggle Equal Treatment Fangren Firstborn Fiery Temper Final Fortune Firemaw Kavu Flaccify Forced March Frostweb Spider Gauntlet of Power Gempalm Avenger Gempalm Sorcerer Gempalm Strider Giant Dustwasp Goblin Warchief Godo's Irregulars Golgari Grave-Troll Golgari Signet Grave Consequences Gruul Signet Healing Salve Hisoka's Defiance Hulking Ogre Intrepid Hero Ivory Crane Netsuke Izzet Signet Juniper Order Ranger Kami of Empty Graves Karplusan Wolverine Keeneye Aven Knighthood Krark-Clan Ironworks Krosan Warchief Kumano's Pupils Lantern of Insight Leaf Dancer Leap of Flame Liberated Dwarf Llanowar Vanguard Loafing Giant Master Healer Merchant of Secrets Mire Boa Mistform Warchief Molder Moonlit Wake Naturalize Noble Stand Order // Chaos (Order) Orochi Ranger Orzhov Signet Our Market Research Shows That Players Like Really Long Card Names So We Made this Card to Have the Absolute Longest Card Name Ever Elemental Paradise Mantle Piper's Melody Plated Pegasus Powerstone Minefield Pretender's Claim Rain of Rust Rakdos Signet Reclaim Recross the Paths Recuperate Reito Lantern Relentless Assault Reveille Squad Reversal of Fortune Savage Offensive Screeching Griffin Selesnya Signet Shaman's Trance Shatter Shuko Shunt Sigil of Sleep Silkenfist Order Simic Signet Simplify Skirk Fire Marshal Skullmane Baku Specter's Shroud Steelshaper Apprentice Steelshaper's Gift Stoic Champion Streetbreaker Wurm Strength of Lunacy Strongarm Tactics Stronghold Gambit Sudden Impact Sulam Djinn Sun Droplet Suntouched Myr Sway of Illusion Sword of the Paruns Taste for Mayhem Teroh's Faithful Teroh's Vanguard Thief of Hope Thoughtcast Tooth and Nail Tormented Angel Transluminant Trenching Steed Trinisphere Unbender Tine Undead Warchief Vodalian Zombie War Tax Ward of Piety Wave of Indifference Waxmane Baku Wear Away Weathered Wayfarer Withered Wretch Withering Hex Zombie Brute