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Ajani Vengeant Alabaster Mage Azure Mage Blue Sun's Zenith Broodwarden Burning-Tree Emissary Cloudheath Drake Crimson Mage Deceiver Exarch Deprive Dread Cacodemon Ethersworn Canonist Fettergeist Fires of Yavimaya Fling Glorious Charge Goblin Diplomats Grasp of Phantoms Greed Grief Tyrant Halt Order Hand of the Praetors Harrow Haunted Plate Mail Impulse Infiltration Lens Inspiration Jade Mage Kor Duelist Lord of Extinction Magebane Armor Makindi Griffin Manaforge Cinder Marisi's Twinclaws Marsh Flats Molten Frame Neurok Invisimancer Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker Not of This World Onyx Mage Panic Attack Paralyzing Grasp Phyresis Phytoburst Plated Seastrider Redirect Regress Resounding Wave Riku of Two Reflections Safehold Duo Sensor Splicer Shardless Agent Sharuum the Hegemon Sky Ruin Drake Soaring Seacliff Soul Reap Soul Snuffers Spawnsire of Ulamog Spikeshot Elder Spirit Mantle Street Sweeper Telemin Performance Tomb Hex Tower Geist Triumph of Cruelty Triumph of the Hordes Twisted Image Unsummon Vedalken Outlander Volcanic Strength War Priest of Thune Winged Coatl Woeleecher Worldfire Wring Flesh