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Advanced Stitchwing Akroan Crusader Alliance of Arms Artillerize Awakening Zone Blessed Alliance Bojuka Brigand Coat with Venom Collective Brutality Concussive Bolt Dampening Pulse Daring Thief Deathless Angel Dinrova Horror Drakewing Krasis Excoriate Expedition Raptor Explore Faerie Impostor Flesh-Eater Imp Gnarlid Pack Gobbling Ooze Golgari Thug Grasp of Darkness Griffin Guide Headless Skaab Jace's Phantasm Jeskai Windscout Lantern Spirit Lightning Talons Liquimetal Coating Lumengrid Drake Mantis Rider Might of the Masses Mindstatic Mizzium Meddler Narcolepsy Oakheart Dryads Ojutai Interceptor Orbs of Warding Pin to the Earth Pitchburn Devils Plated Geopede Polukranos, World Eater Reckless Brute Roilmage's Trick Rubbleback Rhino Savage Alliance Savage Summoning Scion Summoner Shrieking Affliction Sightless Brawler Sludge Crawler Soul Summons Spectral Flight Spectral Shepherd Spire Serpent Stitcher's Apprentice Tooth and Claw Ukud Cobra Ulcerate Urge to Feed Viridian Harvest Virulent Plague Whipflare