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Akroan Mastiff Anchor to the Æther Ankle Shanker Archaeomancer Azorius Charm Barrage of Boulders Berserkers' Onslaught Borderland Ranger Boros Battleshaper Boros Charm Burn at the Stake Byway Courier Council of the Absolute Deadbridge Chant Decimate Dimir Charm Equestrian Skill Golgari Charm Gravepurge Great Teacher's Decree Grisly Spectacle Gruul Charm Hold the Gates Hordeling Outburst Illusionist's Gambit Infantry Veteran Infectious Bloodlust Izzet Charm Krallenhorde Killer Krond the Dawn-Clad Mardu Scout Massive Raid Mwonvuli Beast Tracker Nearheath Chaplain Netcaster Spider Ooze Flux Orzhov Charm Predator's Gambit Raise the Alarm Rakdos Charm Ready // Willing (Ready) Remand Rhox Maulers Roast Scab-Clan Giant Selesnya Charm Seraph of the Masses Shatter Sibsig Icebreakers Simic Charm Smelt Smite Standing Troops Statute of Denial Sylvan Offering Tenacity Timberland Guide Towering Thunderfist Unquestioned Authority War Behemoth Wave of Vitriol Ready // Willing (Willing) Wolfbitten Captive