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Aerial Formation Akroan Sergeant Battlewise Valor Belltoll Dragon Cached Defenses Chosen by Heliod Claim of Erebos Colossus of Akros Crumbling Vestige Cyclops Tyrant Daghatar the Adamant Damnable Pact Disowned Ancestor Dromoka Warrior Ephara's Warden Erase Font of Ire Guardian of Tazeem Hedron Blade Herald of Dromoka Ivory Giant Liturgy of Blood Mischief and Mayhem Orator of Ojutai Reach of Branches Ritual of the Returned Sea Gate Wreckage Sibsig Muckdraggers Soul of Theros Tribal Flames True-Name Nemesis Void Snare Weave Fate Whisk Away Zada's Commando