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Angel's Trumpet Barrin's Codex Beast of Burden Braidwood Cup Braidwood Sextant Brass Secretary Caltrops Cathodion Chimeric Staff Citanul Flute Claws of Gix Copper Gnomes Crawlspace Crystal Chimes Damping Engine Defense Grid Dragon Blood Endoskeleton Extruder Fluctuator Fodder Cannon Grafted Skullcap Grim Monolith Hopping Automaton Iron Maiden Jhoira's Toolbox Junk Diver Karn, Silver Golem Lifeline Lotus Blossom Mantis Engine Masticore Metalworker Metrognome Mishra's Helix Mobile Fort Noetic Scales Phyrexian Colossus Phyrexian Processor Pit Trap Powder Keg Purging Scythe Quicksilver Amulet Ring of Gix Scrapheap Scrying Glass Smokestack Storage Matrix Temporal Aperture Thran Dynamo Thran Foundry Thran Golem Thran Lens Thran Turbine Thran War Machine Thran Weaponry Ticking Gnomes Umbilicus Urza's Armor Urza's Blueprints Urza's Incubator Wall of Junk Wheel of Torture Whetstone Wirecat Worn Powerstone