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Absolute Grace Absolute Law Abundance Æther Sting Angelic Chorus Antagonism Arcane Laboratory Archery Training Attrition Attunement Aura Flux Back to Basics Bedlam Bereavement Blanchwood Armor Bravado Brilliant Halo Brink of Madness Bulwark Capashen Standard Carnival of Souls Carpet of Flowers Cessation Chime of Night Cloak of Mists Compost Confiscate Contamination Crosswinds Darkest Hour Defense of the Heart Defensive Formation Delusions of Mediocrity Despondency Destructive Urge Diabolic Servitude Disappear Discordant Dirge Douse Dying Wail Energy Field Engineered Plague Exploration Fecundity Fertile Ground Festering Wound Fiery Mantle Fortitude Gaea's Embrace Ghitu War Cry Glorious Anthem Goblin Festival Granite Grip Greater Good Greener Pastures Hermetic Study Hidden Ancients Hidden Gibbons Hidden Guerrillas Hidden Herd Hidden Predators Hidden Spider Hidden Stag Illuminated Wings Impatience Impending Disaster Incendiary Knighthood Launch Levitation Lilting Refrain Lingering Mirage Lurking Evil Lurking Jackals Lurking Skirge Mark of Fury Martyr's Cause Mask of Law and Grace Mental Discipline Midsummer Revel Momentum Multani's Presence No Mercy No Rest for the Wicked Opal Acrolith Opal Archangel Opal Avenger Opal Caryatid Opal Champion Opal Gargoyle Opal Titan Opalescence Opposition Oppression Pacifism Parasitic Bond Pariah Pattern of Rebirth Pendrell Flux Pestilence Phyrexian Reclamation Planar Collapse Planar Void Power Taint Presence of the Master Private Research Pyromancy Rancor Recantation Reflexes Remembrance Repercussion Retaliation Rivalry Rumbling Crescendo Rune of Protection: Artifacts Rune of Protection: Black Rune of Protection: Blue Rune of Protection: Green Rune of Protection: Lands Rune of Protection: Red Rune of Protection: White Sanctimony Scald Second Chance Serra's Embrace Serra's Hymn Serra's Liturgy Shiv's Embrace Sicken Sigil of Sleep Sleeper's Guile Slow Motion Sluggishness Sneak Attack Sporogenesis Spreading Algae Subversion Sulfuric Vapors Tainted Æther Telepathy Torch Song Treacherous Link Treachery Twisted Experiment Vampiric Embrace Veil of Birds Veiled Apparition Veiled Crocodile Veiled Sentry Veiled Serpent Venomous Fangs Vernal Bloom Vile Requiem War Dance Worship Yawgmoth's Bargain Yawgmoth's Edict Zephid's Embrace