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Accursed Centaur Acolyte of Xathrid Addle Afflict Andradite Leech Anurid Murkdiver Aphetto Vulture Ashenmoor Cohort Assassin's Strike Battlefield Percher Bloodcurdler Bog Elemental Bog Hoodlums Bog Imp Bog Serpent Brink of Disaster Brutal Nightstalker Cabal Inquisitor Cabal Shrine Cabal Surgeon Cackling Imp Call for Blood Carrion Howler Cast into Darkness Catacomb Slug Caustic Hound Chill Haunting Chorus of Woe Colfenor's Plans Corrupted Harvester Cradle to Grave Craven Knight Crawling Filth Cryptwailing Cursed Monstrosity Cyclopean Mummy Dakmor Bat Dance of Shadows Dark Offering Dark Revenant Dead Drop Death Bomb Death of a Thousand Stings Deathcurse Ogre Deathknell Kami Deathlace Death's Caress Defiling Tears Dementia Bat Demon's Herald Derelor Dredge Dreg Reaver Dripping Dead Dusk Imp Earsplitting Rats Ebon Drake El-Hajjâj Enslaved Horror Entropic Specter Essence Drain Execute Face of Fear Fallen Cleric Famished Ghoul Farbog Boneflinger Fatal Fumes Fatal Mutation Fear Feebleness Felhide Brawler Fevered Strength Filthy Cur Final Strike Fledgling Imp Fleshmad Steed Flow of Maggots Ghosts of the Damned Ghoulflesh Giant Cockroach Giant Slug Gloomhunter Grave Exchange Grollub Hagra Crocodile Hasran Ogress Hell Swarm Hint of Insanity Hollow Dogs Horror of Horrors Howling Fury Ichor Explosion Infectious Host Instill Infection Kagemaro's Clutch Kami of Empty Graves Kami of Lunacy Kelinore Bat Krovikan Elementalist Krovikan Scoundrel