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Absorb Vis Academy Elite Adriana, Captain of the Guard Æther Searcher (Aether Searcher) Aether Tradewinds Affa Guard Hound Agent of Acquisitions Air Servant Ajani's Sunstriker Akroan Hoplite Altar of Dementia Altar's Reap Animus of Predation Apex Hawks Arcane Savant Archdemon of Paliano Ascended Lawmage Assassinate Avatar of Woe Ballot Broker Barbed Shocker Basandra, Battle Seraph Beast Within Berserk Besmirch Birds of Paradise Bite of the Black Rose Blood-Toll Harpy Boldwyr Intimidator Bonds of Quicksilver Borderland Explorer Brago, King Eternal Brago's Representative Brainstorm Breakthrough Brimstone Volley Bronze Sable Brushstrider Burgeoning Burn Away Burning Wish Caller of Gales Caller of the Untamed Canal Courier Canal Dredger Capital Punishment Carnage Gladiator Charging Rhino Charmbreaker Devils Chartooth Cougar Child of Night Cinder Wall Cloaked Siren Coercive Portal Cogwork Grinder Cogwork Librarian Cogwork Spy Cogwork Tracker Coiling Oracle Compulsive Research Coordinated Assault Copperhorn Scout Council Guardian Council's Judgment Courier Hawk Covenant of Minds Coveted Peacock Crookclaw Transmuter Crown-Hunter Hireling Custodi Lich Custodi Peacekeeper Custodi Soulbinders Custodi Soulcaller Custodi Squire Dack Fayden Dack's Duplicate Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast Deadly Designs Deal Broker Death Wind Deathforge Shaman Deathreap Ritual Deathrender Deceiver Exarch Decimate Deputized Protester Desertion Diabolic Tutor Dimir Doppelganger Disenchant Dismiss Divination Domesticated Hydra Doomed Traveler Dragonlair Spider Drakestown Forgotten Dread Statuary Dream Fracture Driver of the Dead Duskmantle Seer
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