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Academy Elite Æther Searcher Æther Tradewinds Agent of Acquisitions Air Servant Ajani's Sunstriker Altar of Dementia Altar's Reap Apex Hawks Assassinate Barbed Shocker Basandra, Battle Seraph Bite of the Black Rose Boldwyr Intimidator Brago, King Eternal Brago's Representative Brainstorm Breakthrough Brimstone Volley Canal Dredger Charging Rhino Chartooth Cougar Cinder Wall Coercive Portal Cogwork Grinder Cogwork Librarian Cogwork Spy Cogwork Tracker Compulsive Research Copperhorn Scout Council Guardian Council's Judgment Courier Hawk Crookclaw Transmuter Custodi Soulbinders Custodi Squire Dack Fayden Dack's Duplicate Deal Broker Deathforge Shaman Deathreap Ritual Deathrender Decimate Dimir Doppelganger Doomed Traveler Drakestown Forgotten Dream Fracture Echoing Courage Edric, Spymaster of Trest Elephant Guide Elvish Aberration Enclave Elite Enraged Revolutionary Exploration Explorer's Scope Extract from Darkness Fact or Fiction Favorable Winds Fires of Yavimaya Fireshrieker Flamewright Flaring Flame-Kin Flowstone Blade Galvanic Juggernaut Gamekeeper Glimmerpoint Stag Gnarlid Pack Grenzo, Dungeon Warden Grenzo's Cutthroat Grenzo's Rebuttal Grixis Illusionist Grudge Keeper Guardian Zendikon Heartless Hidetsugu Heckling Fiends Howling Wolf Hunger of the Howlpack Hydra Omnivore Ignition Team Ill-Gotten Gains Infectious Horror Intangible Virtue Jetting Glasskite Kor Chant Lead the Stampede Liliana's Specter Lizard Warrior Lore Seeker Lurking Automaton Magister of Worth Magus of the Mirror Mana Geyser Marchesa, the Black Rose Marchesa's Emissary Marchesa's Infiltrator Marchesa's Smuggler Minamo Scrollkeeper Mirari's Wake Mirrodin's Core Misdirection