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Abzan Advantage Akroma's Blessing Aven Warcraft Bar the Door Battle Cry Bold Defense Borrowed Grace Brave the Elements Break of Day Call to Glory Charge Charge Across the Araba Dispense Justice Dominaria's Judgment Eerie Interlude Encircling Fissure Enduring Victory Errand of Duty Even the Odds Fortify Gideon's Phalanx Gleam of Resistance Glorious Charge Guardians' Pledge Honor's Reward In Oketra's Name Inspired Charge Kjeldoran War Cry Profit // Loss (Loss) Make a Stand Piety Charm Pollen Lullaby Pride of Conquerors Profit // Loss (Profit) Rally the Peasants Rally the Troops Rallying Roar Ramosian Rally Remove Enchantments Rhystic Shield Roar of the Kha Rootborn Defenses Sacred Rites Safe Passage Sanctified Charge Scale Blessing Scapegoat Shadowbane Shield Wall Shining Shoal Sivvi's Ruse Solidarity Spare from Evil Steeling Stance Stir the Pride Surge of Thoughtweft Swell of Courage Tenacity To Arms! Warrior's Honor Warrior's Stand