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Blasted Landscape Bloated Toad Brand Clear Cloud of Faeries Darkwatch Elves Disciple of Grace Disciple of Law Drifting Djinn Drifting Meadow Expunge Fend Off Flame Jet Fluctuator Hush Iron Will Lay Waste Lingering Mirage Lull Miscalculation Pendrell Drake Polluted Mire Power Taint Radiant's Judgment Rapid Decay Rebuild Rejuvenate Remote Isle Repopulate Rescind Rune of Protection: Artifacts Rune of Protection: Black Rune of Protection: Blue Rune of Protection: Green Rune of Protection: Lands Rune of Protection: Red Rune of Protection: White Sandbar Merfolk Sandbar Serpent Scrap Shimmering Barrier Sicken Slippery Karst Smoldering Crater Swat Unearth Veiled Serpent Wild Dogs