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Aether Theorist Anchor to the Æther (Anchor to the Aether) Aqueous Form Artificer's Assistant Battlewise Hoplite Bolt of Keranos Bontu the Glorified Brain in a Jar Catacomb Sifter Chorus of the Tides Contraband Kingpin Curator of Mysteries Darksteel Pendant Dissolve Eager Construct Geist of the Archives Glimpse the Sun God Gods Willing Harsh Scrutiny Hedron Alignment Hidden Stockpile Jace's Sanctum Lifecrafter's Bestiary Lightning Javelin Lost in a Labyrinth New Benalia Opt Oracle's Insight Path of Ancestry Peregrination Portent of Betrayal Prescient Chimera Putrid Cyclops Rage of Purphoros Reaper of the Wilds Retreat to Coralhelm Scouring Sands Sea God's Revenge Select for Inspection Sentinel Totem Sheltering Light Sigiled Skink Sigiled Starfish Skywhaler's Shot Soldevi Excavations Spark Jolt Spite of Mogis Stormcaller of Keranos Stymied Hopes Sudden Storm Temple of Abandon Temple of Deceit Temple of Enlightenment Temple of Epiphany Temple of Malady Temple of Malice Temple of Mystery Temple of Plenty Temple of Silence Temple of Triumph Thassa, God of the Sea Thrasios, Triton Hero Titan's Strength Treasure Map Vanquish the Foul Viscera Seer Voyage's End Witches' Eye Zhalfirin Void