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Aeon Chronicler Ancestral Vision Arc Blade Benalish Commander Chronomantic Escape Clockspinning Corpulent Corpse Curse of the Cabal Cyclical Evolution Deep-Sea Kraken Delay Detritivore Dichotomancy Divine Congregation Durkwood Baloth Duskrider Peregrine Dust of Moments Epochrasite Errant Ephemeron Festering March Fungal Behemoth Fury Charm Giant Dustwasp Greater Gargadon Heroes Remembered Hypergenesis Infiltrator il-Kor Ith, High Arcanist Ivory Giant Jhoira of the Ghitu Jhoira's Timebug Keldon Halberdier Knight of Sursi Living End Lotus Bloom Mindstab Nantuko Shaman Nihilith Pardic Dragon Petrified Plating Phthisis Plunder Reality Strobe Restore Balance Rift Bolt Rift Elemental Riftmarked Knight Riftwing Cloudskate Roiling Horror Search for Tomorrow Shade of Trokair Shivan Meteor Shivan Sand-Mage Timebender Timecrafting Veiling Oddity Venser's Diffusion Viscerid Deepwalker Wheel of Fate