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Absorb Vis Akroma's Blessing Akroma's Vengeance Angelsong Architects of Will Aura Extraction Backslide Bant Sojourners Barkhide Mauler Barren Moor Blast from the Past Blasted Landscape Bloated Toad Brand Break Asunder Chartooth Cougar Choking Tethers Claws of Wirewood Clear Cloud of Faeries Complicate Constricting Tendrils Darkwatch Elves Deadshot Minotaur Death Pulse Decree of Annihilation Decree of Justice Decree of Pain Decree of Savagery Decree of Silence Dirge of Dread Disciple of Grace Disciple of Law Disciple of Malice Dragon Wings Drifting Djinn Drifting Meadow Edge of Autumn Elvish Aberration Esper Sojourners Essence Fracture Eternal Dragon Expunge Fade from Memory Fend Off Fiery Fall Flame Jet Fluctuator Forgotten Cave Gempalm Avenger Gempalm Incinerator Gempalm Polluter Gempalm Sorcerer Gempalm Strider Gilded Light Glassdust Hulk Gleam of Resistance Grixis Sojourners Homing Sliver Hundroog Hush Ichor Slick Igneous Pouncer Improvised Armor Iron Will Jhessian Zombies Jund Sojourners Jungle Weaver Keeneye Aven Krosan Tusker Lay Waste Lingering Mirage Lonely Sandbar Lull Macetail Hystrodon Mage's Guile Marshaling Cry Miscalculation Molten Frame Monstrous Carabid Naya Sojourners Noble Templar Pale Recluse Pendrell Drake Polluted Mire Power Taint Primal Boost Primoc Escapee Radiant's Judgment Rapid Decay Rebuild Rejuvenate Remote Isle Renewed Faith Repopulate Rescind Resounding Roar Resounding Scream Resounding Silence Resounding Thunder Resounding Wave Ridge Rannet Rune of Protection: Artifacts Rune of Protection: Black Rune of Protection: Blue Rune of Protection: Green Rune of Protection: Lands Rune of Protection: Red Rune of Protection: White Sanctum Plowbeast Sandbar Merfolk Sandbar Serpent Savage Hunger Scion of Darkness Scrap Secluded Steppe Shimmering Barrier Shoreline Ranger Sicken Sigil of the Nayan Gods Slice and Dice Slippery Karst Slipstream Eel Smoldering Crater Solar Blast Spark Spray Spell Snip Starstorm Street Wraith Sunfire Balm Swat Sylvan Bounty Tranquil Thicket Traumatic Visions Twisted Abomination Unburden Undead Gladiator Unearth Valley Rannet Vedalken Æthermage Veiled Serpent Viscera Dragger Volcanic Submersion Wild Dogs Wipe Clean Wirewood Guardian Yoked Plowbeast