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Abzan Advantage Acolyte's Reward Acrobatic Maneuver Apostle's Blessing Armed Response Blessed Breath Center Soul Channel Harm Cloudshift Coordinated Barrage Debt of Loyalty Dispatch Dispense Justice Divine Deflection Eerie Interlude Emerge Unscathed Encircling Fissure Enduring Victory Feat of Resistance Gods Willing Harm's Way Honorable Passage Hundred-Talon Strike Jabari's Influence Kor Chant Liberate Martyrdom Mirror Strike Momentary Blink Orim's Cure Piety Charm Plow Through Reito Redeem the Lost Refraction Trap Scapegoat Shelter Shining Shoal Sivvi's Valor Spirit Flare Steeling Stance Strength of Arms Swell of Courage Trostani's Judgment