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Abuna's Chant Abzan Advantage Acolyte's Reward Acquire Acrobatic Maneuver Advice from the Fae Aerial Formation Aerial Maneuver Æther Shockwave (Aether Shockwave) Aether Tradewinds Ætherize (Aetherize) Aethermage's Touch Ætherspouts (Aetherspouts) Aethertow Ajani's Presence Alive // Well (Alive) Alley Evasion Allied Reinforcements Altar's Light Amass the Components Ancestral Vision Anchor to the Æther (Anchor to the Aether) Angelic Blessing Angelic Edict Angelic Purge Angel's Grace Angel's Mercy Angelsong Annul Anticipate Apostle's Blessing Approach of the Second Sun Aquitect's Will Archangel's Light Archive Trap Argent Mutation Arm with Æther (Arm with Aether) Armed Response Arrow Volley Trap Artful Dodge Artful Maneuver Artificer's Epiphany Assert Authority Aura Finesse Aura Graft Austere Command Avenging Arrow Far // Away (Away) Awe Strike Azorius Charm Azorius Ploy Balance of Power Baleful Stare Bandage Banishing Knack Banishing Stroke Banishment Decree Bar the Door Baral's Expertise Bathe in Light Battlewise Valor Beacon of Immortality Beacon of Tomorrows Beck // Call (Beck) Benediction of Moons Bewilder Blessed Alliance Blessed Breath Blessed Reincarnation Blessed Reversal Blinding Beam Blinding Spray Blinkmoth Infusion Blue Sun's Zenith Blustersquall Bold Defense Bone to Ash Boomerang Boros Fury-Shield Borrowed Grace Brace for Impact Brave the Elements Break of Day Bribery Brilliant Spectrum Broken Ambitions Broken Concentration Built to Last Turn // Burn (Burn) Cackling Counterpart Calculated Dismissal Beck // Call (Call) Call the Gatewatch Call to Glory Call to Heel Call to Mind Cancel Candles' Glow Captain's Call Careful Consideration
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