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Acrobatic Maneuver Aether Tradewinds Alley Evasion Allied Reinforcements Angelic Purge Anticipate Approach of the Second Sun Baral's Expertise Blessed Alliance Borrowed Grace Brilliant Spectrum Broken Concentration Built to Last Call the Gatewatch Cancel Catalog Censor Ceremonious Rejection Chaplain's Blessing Chilling Grasp Clutch of Currents Coastal Discovery Coax from the Blind Eternities Collective Effort Commit // Memory (Commit) Comparative Analysis Compelling Argument Compelling Deterrence Failure // Comply (Comply) Confirm Suspicions Confiscation Coup Contingency Plan Convolute Crush of Tentacles Dusk // Dawn (Dawn) Dazzling Reflection Decision Paralysis Declaration in Stone Decommission Deft Dismissal Deny Existence Deploy the Gatewatch Descend upon the Sinful Disallow Disappearing Act Dispel Disperse Displace Divine Verdict Djeru's Resolve Drag Under Dramatic Reversal Dusk // Dawn (Dusk) Eerie Interlude Encircling Fissure Engulf the Shore Epiphany at the Drownyard Essence Flux Essence Scatter Ethereal Guidance Exert Influence Expose Evil Failed Inspection Failure // Comply (Failure) Prepare // Fight (Fight) Start // Finish (Finish) Floodwaters Forsake the Worldly Fortune's Favor Fragmentize Fumigate Galestrike Gideon's Reproach Gift of Tusks Give No Ground Glimmer of Genius Gone Missing Grip of the Roil Hieroglyphic Illumination Humble the Brute Illusionist's Stratagem Immolating Glare Impeccable Timing In Oketra's Name Insidious Will Inspiration Inspired Charge Inspiring Roar Invasive Surgery Ironwright's Cleansing Jace's Scrutiny Just the Wind Leave in the Dust Lithomancer's Focus Long Road Home Make a Stand Commit // Memory (Memory) Metallic Rebuke Mighty Leap Spring // Mind (Mind)