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Acrobatic Maneuver Act of Heroism Admiral's Order Aether Tradewinds Alley Evasion Appeal // Authority (Appeal) Approach of the Second Sun Appeal // Authority (Authority) Baral's Expertise Reason // Believe (Believe) Blazing Hope Bright Reprisal Built to Last Cancel Censor Ceremonious Rejection Leave // Chance (Chance) Chart a Course Cleansing Ray Commit // Memory (Commit) Compelling Argument Failure // Comply (Comply) Confiscation Coup Consign // Oblivion (Consign) Refuse // Cooperate (Cooperate) Countervailing Winds Crashing Tide Dusk // Dawn (Dawn) Decision Paralysis Decommission Deft Dismissal Demystify Depths of Desire Disallow Disappearing Act Dive Down Divine Verdict Djeru's Renunciation Djeru's Resolve Drag Under Dramatic Reversal Dusk // Dawn (Dusk) Grind // Dust (Dust) Entrancing Melody Essence Scatter Expel from Orazca Failed Inspection Failure // Comply (Failure) Farm // Market (Farm) Prepare // Fight (Fight) Start // Finish (Finish) Flood of Recollection Floodwaters Forsake the Worldly Fragmentize Fumigate Galestrike Gideon's Defeat Glimmer of Genius Grasping Current Grind // Dust (Grind) Hieroglyphic Illumination Hornswoggle Hour of Eternity Hour of Revelation Illusionist's Stratagem Imaginary Threats Impeccable Timing In Oketra's Name Insidious Will Inspiration Inspired Charge Inspiring Roar Jace's Defeat Kefnet's Last Word Leave // Chance (Leave) Leave in the Dust Legion's Judgment Lookout's Dispersal Farm // Market (Market) Commit // Memory (Memory) Metallic Rebuke Mighty Leap Spring // Mind (Mind) Moment of Triumph Negate Consign // Oblivion (Oblivion) Oketra's Last Mercy Onward // Victory (Onward) Open into Wonder Opt Overflowing Insight Paradoxical Outcome Perilous Voyage Pirate's Prize Prepare // Fight (Prepare) Pressure Point Pride of Conquerors Pull from Tomorrow Queen's Commission