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Abzan Advantage Allied Reinforcements Anchor to the Æther Anticipate Artful Maneuver Artificer's Epiphany Blessed Reincarnation Blinding Spray Bone to Ash Brilliant Spectrum Calculated Dismissal Call the Gatewatch Cancel Celestial Flare Center Soul Channel Harm Clash of Wills Clone Legion Clutch of Currents Coastal Discovery Comparative Analysis Contradict Crippling Chill Crush of Tentacles Dance of the Skywise Day's Undoing Dazzling Reflection Defiant Strike Dig Through Time Disdainful Stroke Dispel Disperse Displacement Wave Divine Verdict Dragonlord's Prerogative Dreadwaters Encircling Fissure End Hostilities Enduring Victory Enhanced Awareness Enshrouding Mist Erase Exert Influence Fascination Fate Forgotten Feat of Resistance Force Away Gideon's Phalanx Gideon's Reproach Gift of Tusks Glint Great Teacher's Decree Grip of the Roil Hallowed Moonlight Healing Hands Honor's Reward Hydrolash Icy Blast Immolating Glare Inspired Charge Into the Void Kill Shot Kytheon's Tactics Learn from the Past Lithomancer's Focus Make a Stand Mighty Leap Mystic Meditation Negate Neutralizing Blast Ojutai's Breath Ojutai's Command Ojutai's Summons Ondu Rising Overwhelming Denial Part the Waterveil Planar Outburst Pressure Point Profound Journey Psychic Rebuttal Radiant Purge Rakshasa's Disdain Rally the Ancestors Reality Shift Refocus Resupply Rite of Undoing Roil Spout Roiling Waters Roilmage's Trick Roil's Retribution Rush of Battle Rush of Ice Sandblast Scale Blessing Scatter to the Winds Searing Light Secure the Wastes Send to Sleep Set Adrift