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Abzan Advantage Acolyte's Reward Aerial Formation Ætherspouts Ajani's Presence Annul Anticipate Artful Maneuver Battlewise Valor Blessed Reincarnation Blinding Spray Cancel Center Soul Channel Harm Chronostutter Clone Legion Congregate Contradict Countermand Crippling Chill Crypsis Curse of the Swine Dance of the Skywise Dauntless Onslaught Dawn to Dusk Defiant Strike Deicide Devouring Light Dig Through Time Disdainful Stroke Dissipate Dissolve Divination Divine Verdict Dragonlord's Prerogative End Hostilities Enduring Victory Enhanced Awareness Ephemeral Shields Erase Excoriate Fascination Fate Forgotten Fated Infatuation Fated Retribution Feat of Resistance Force Away Gainsay Glare of Heresy Glimpse the Sun God Glint Gods Willing Great Teacher's Decree Griptide Hold at Bay Honor's Reward Hour of Need Hubris Hydrosurge Icy Blast Inspired Charge Interpret the Signs Into the Void Jace's Ingenuity Kill Shot Kiora's Dismissal Last Breath Launch the Fleet Learn from the Past Lost in a Labyrinth Mass Calcify Meditation Puzzle Mind Sculpt Mortal's Ardor Mystic Meditation Negate Neutralizing Blast Nullify Ojutai's Breath Ojutai's Command Ojutai's Summons Peel from Reality Phalanx Formation Pillar of Light Plea for Guidance Polymorphist's Jest Polymorphous Rush Pressure Point Profound Journey Pull from the Deep Radiant Purge Raise the Alarm Rakshasa's Disdain Rally the Ancestors Ray of Dissolution Reality Shift Refocus Reprisal Resupply Retraction Helix