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Acolyte's Reward Aerial Formation Aerial Maneuver Ætherize Ætherspouts Ajani's Presence Alive // Well (Alive) Angelic Edict Annul Avenging Arrow Far // Away (Away) Azorius Charm Battlewise Valor Beck // Call (Beck) Blustersquall Brave the Elements Turn // Burn (Burn) Beck // Call (Call) Cancel Celestial Flare Chronostutter Congregate Countermand Crypsis Curse of the Swine Cyclonic Rift Dauntless Onslaught Dawn to Dusk Deicide Devouring Light Devout Invocation Dispel Disperse Dissipate Dissolve Divination Divine Verdict Downsize Dramatic Rescue Enter the Infinite Ephemeral Shields Essence Scatter Excoriate Eyes in the Skies Fall of the Gavel Far // Away (Far) Fated Infatuation Fated Retribution Fortify Frost Breath Gainsay Give // Take (Give) Glare of Heresy Glimpse the Future Glimpse the Sun God Gods Willing Gridlock Griptide Hands of Binding Hidden Strings Hive Stirrings Hold at Bay Hour of Need Hubris Hydrosurge Inaction Injunction Inspiration Inspired Charge Interpret the Signs Into the Void Jace's Ingenuity Kiora's Dismissal Knight Watch Last Breath Last Thoughts Launch the Fleet Profit // Loss (Loss) Lost in a Labyrinth Lyev Decree Mass Calcify Meditation Puzzle Mind Sculpt Mindstatic Mizzium Skin Mortal's Ardor Negate Nullify Opportunity Pay No Heed Peel from Reality Phalanx Formation Pillar of Light Planar Cleansing Plea for Guidance Polymorphist's Jest Polymorphous Rush Profit // Loss (Profit) Protect // Serve (Protect) Psychic Spiral Pull from the Deep Quicken Raise the Alarm Rapid Hybridization Ray of Dissolution Render Silent Renounce the Guilds Reprisal Restore the Peace Retraction Helix Return to the Ranks Revoke Existence Righteous Charge Riot Control Rise of Eagles Rootborn Defenses Sanctified Charge Scatter Arc Sea God's Revenge Search Warrant Protect // Serve (Serve) Shielded Passage Show of Valor Silence Smite Solemn Offering Spell Blast Spell Rupture Sphinx's Revelation Statute of Denial Stolen Identity Stymied Hopes Sudden Storm Supreme Verdict Swan Song Swift Justice Syncopate Give // Take (Take) Wear // Tear (Tear) Thassa's Bounty Thassa's Rebuff Time Ebb Tome Scour Totally Lost Trait Doctoring Traumatize Triplicate Spirits Triton Tactics Trostani's Judgment Turn // Burn (Turn) Turn to Frog Uncovered Clues Vanquish the Foul Void Snare Voidwalk Voyage's End Wake the Reflections Wear // Tear (Wear) Alive // Well (Well) Whelming Wave