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Allied Reinforcements Anchor to the Æther Angelic Purge Anticipate Artful Maneuver Artificer's Epiphany Blessed Alliance Blessed Reincarnation Bone to Ash Borrowed Grace Brilliant Spectrum Broken Concentration Calculated Dismissal Call the Gatewatch Catalog Celestial Flare Center Soul Chaplain's Blessing Chilling Grasp Clash of Wills Clone Legion Clutch of Currents Coastal Discovery Coax from the Blind Eternities Collective Effort Comparative Analysis Compelling Deterrence Confirm Suspicions Contingency Plan Contradict Convolute Crush of Tentacles Dance of the Skywise Day's Undoing Dazzling Reflection Declaration in Stone Deny Existence Deploy the Gatewatch Descend upon the Sinful Dispel Disperse Displace Displacement Wave Divine Verdict Drag Under Dragonlord's Prerogative Dreadwaters Eerie Interlude Encircling Fissure Enduring Victory Engulf the Shore Enshrouding Mist Epiphany at the Drownyard Essence Flux Ethereal Guidance Exert Influence Expose Evil Fate Forgotten Fortune's Favor Gideon's Phalanx Gideon's Reproach Gift of Tusks Give No Ground Glint Gone Missing Great Teacher's Decree Grip of the Roil Hallowed Moonlight Healing Hands Humble the Brute Hydrolash Immolating Glare Inspired Charge Into the Void Invasive Surgery Ironwright's Cleansing Jace's Scrutiny Just the Wind Kytheon's Tactics Learn from the Past Lithomancer's Focus Long Road Home Make a Stand Mighty Leap Mystic Meditation Nagging Thoughts Negate Not Forgotten Ojutai's Breath Ojutai's Command Ojutai's Summons Ondu Rising Open the Armory Overwhelming Denial Part the Waterveil Pieces of the Puzzle Planar Outburst Pore Over the Pages Press for Answers Profound Journey