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Acolyte's Reward Aerial Formation Ajani's Presence Annul Battlewise Valor Blinding Spray Cancel Countermand Crippling Chill Crypsis Curse of the Swine Dauntless Onslaught Dawn to Dusk Defiant Strike Deicide Dig Through Time Disdainful Stroke Dissolve Divination Divine Verdict End Hostilities Erase Excoriate Fated Infatuation Fated Retribution Feat of Resistance Force Away Gainsay Glare of Heresy Glimpse the Sun God Gods Willing Griptide Hold at Bay Hour of Need Hubris Icy Blast Interpret the Signs Kill Shot Kiora's Dismissal Last Breath Launch the Fleet Lost in a Labyrinth Mortal's Ardor Nullify Phalanx Formation Plea for Guidance Polymorphous Rush Pull from the Deep Ray of Dissolution Reprisal Retraction Helix Revoke Existence Rise of Eagles Rush of Battle Sea God's Revenge Set Adrift Smite the Monstrous Stubborn Denial Stymied Hopes Sudden Storm Swan Song Taigam's Scheming Take Up Arms Thassa's Bounty Thassa's Rebuff Treasure Cruise Triton Tactics Vanquish the Foul Voyage's End Waterwhirl Weave Fate Whelming Wave