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Aerial Modification Aether Meltdown Aid from the Cowl Ajani's Aid Always Watching Angelic Gift Authority of the Consuls Autumnal Gloom Behind the Scenes Blood Mist Bonds of Mortality Boon of Emrakul Bound by Moonsilver Call for Unity Call the Bloodline Campaign of Vengeance Captured by the Consulate Caught in the Brights Choking Restraints Consulate Crackdown Consulate Surveillance Containment Membrane Conviction Crawling Sensation Creeping Dread Crop Sigil Cryptolith Rite Dampening Pulse Dead Weight Durable Handicraft Efficient Construction Emrakul's Influence Equestrian Skill Era of Innovation Faith Unbroken Fevered Visions Fleeting Memories From Beyond Ghostly Wings Giant Spectacle Goblin War Paint Gonti's Machinations Graf Harvest Gremlin Infestation Gryff's Boon Harness the Storm Hedron Alignment Hidden Stockpile Hope Against Hope Howlpack Resurgence Ice Over Imprisoned in the Moon Infectious Curse Invocation of Saint Traft Iona's Blessing Isolation Zone Lunar Force Lunarch Mantle Malfunction Marked by Honor Mechanized Production Metallurgic Summonings Midnight Oil Mind's Dilation Molten Nursery Nahiri's Machinations Oakenform Oath of Ajani Oath of Chandra Oath of Gideon Oath of Jace Oath of Liliana Oath of Nissa Ongoing Investigation Peace of Mind Pia's Revolution Prism Array Prophetic Ravings Pyromancer's Assault Quarantine Field Retreat to Coralhelm Retreat to Emeria Retreat to Hagra Retreat to Kazandu Retreat to Valakut Revoke Privileges Senseless Rage Siege Modification Sigarda's Aid Sinister Concoction Skin Invasion Sleep Paralysis Spiteful Motives Spontaneous Mutation Stasis Snare Stensia Masquerade Strange Augmentation Tezzeret's Touch Thopter Arrest Tightening Coils