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Aerial Modification Aether Meltdown Aid from the Cowl Ajani's Aid Anointed Procession Arcane Adaptation Arguel's Blood Fast As Foretold Ashes of the Abhorrent Authority of the Consuls Axis of Mortality Bounty of the Luxa Call for Unity Captured by the Consulate Cartouche of Ambition Cartouche of Knowledge Cartouche of Solidarity Cartouche of Strength Cartouche of Zeal Cast Out Castaway's Despair Caught in the Brights Compulsory Rest Consulate Crackdown Consulate Surveillance Consuming Fervor Conviction Cruel Reality Deeproot Waters Desert's Hold Drake Haven Durable Handicraft Efficient Construction Era of Innovation Faith of the Devoted Favorable Winds Fraying Sanity Giant Spectacle Gideon's Intervention Gideon's Resolve Gift of Paradise Gonti's Machinations Gremlin Infestation Growing Rites of Itlimoc Hazoret's Favor Hidden Stockpile Ice Over Illusory Wrappings Imminent Doom Ixalan's Binding Lay Claim Legion's Landing Liliana's Mastery Makeshift Munitions Malfunction Mark of the Vampire Mechanized Production Metallurgic Summonings Midnight Oil Navigator's Ruin Nest of Scarabs New Horizons New Perspectives Oakenform Oath of Ajani One With the Wind Overwhelming Splendor Pia's Revolution Pious Interdiction Protection of the Hekma Raiders' Wake Revel in Riches Revoke Privileges Riddleform Sandwurm Convergence Saving Grace Search for Azcanta Shapers' Sanctuary Siege Modification Sixth Sense Sleep Paralysis Solemnity Sunbird's Invocation Swarm Intelligence Swashbuckling Tezzeret's Touch Thopter Arrest Torment of Scarabs Trespasser's Curse Trial of Ambition Trial of Knowledge Trial of Solidarity Trial of Strength Trial of Zeal Tricks of the Trade Trove of Temptation Unbridled Growth Underhanded Designs Unquenchable Thirst Untamed Hunger