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Abzan Ascendancy Abzan Runemark Ancestral Vengeance Angelic Gift Assault Formation Battle Mastery Berserkers' Onslaught Bonds of Mortality Brave the Sands Break Through the Line Call of the Full Moon Citadel Siege Claustrophobia Cloudform Consecrated by Blood Containment Membrane Corpseweft Dampening Pulse Deadly Wanderings Debilitating Injury Demonic Pact Dragon Grip Dragon Tempest Echoes of the Kin Tree Elemental Bond Encase in Ice Evolutionary Leap Flameshadow Conjuring From Beyond Frontier Siege Fruit of the First Tree Ghirapur Æther Grid Glaring Aegis Gleam of Authority Goblin War Paint Goblinslide Grasp of the Hieromancer Hardened Scales Hedonist's Trove Hedron Alignment Illusory Gains Impact Tremors Infectious Bloodlust Infernal Scarring Iona's Blessing Isolation Zone Jace's Sanctum Jeskai Ascendancy Jeskai Runemark Knightly Valor Lightform Mantle of Webs Mardu Ascendancy Mardu Runemark Mastery of the Unseen Mirror Mockery Molten Nursery Molten Vortex Molting Snakeskin Monastery Siege Murder Investigation Myth Realized Oath of Chandra Oath of Gideon Oath of Jace Oath of Nissa Obscuring Æther Outpost Siege Pacifism Palace Siege Prism Array Pyromancer's Assault Quarantine Field Quiet Contemplation Rageform Raiders' Spoils Reduce in Stature Retreat to Coralhelm Retreat to Emeria Retreat to Hagra Retreat to Kazandu Retreat to Valakut Retribution of the Ancients Sage's Reverie Secret Plans Shadows of the Past Sheltered Aerie Siegecraft Sight of the Scalelords Sigil of the Empty Throne Silkwrap Singing Bell Strike Skywise Teachings Sphinx's Tutelage Starfield of Nyx Stasis Snare Stratus Walk Sultai Ascendancy Sultai Runemark Suppression Bonds