+"Onslaught Block", +cycling (60)

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Akroma's Vengeance Aura Extraction Decree of Annihilation Gempalm Strider Decree of Justice Gempalm Avenger Akroma's Blessing Krosan Tusker Noble Templar Scion of Darkness Disciple of Grace Renewed Faith Eternal Dragon Wipe Clean Lonely Sandbar Gilded Light Decree of Silence Dragon Wings Gempalm Incinerator Gempalm Sorcerer Improvised Armor Chartooth Cougar Primoc Escapee Sunfire Balm Choking Tethers Forgotten Cave Slipstream Eel Backslide Gempalm Polluter Shoreline Ranger Dirge of Dread Keeneye Aven Complicate Essence Fracture Mage's Guile Macetail Hystrodon Twisted Abomination Decree of Pain Break Asunder Unburden Decree of Savagery Slice and Dice Hundroog Wirewood Guardian Death Pulse Disciple of Malice Fade from Memory Elvish Aberration Swat Undead Gladiator Starstorm Solar Blast Spark Spray Claws of Wirewood Lay Waste Barren Moor Barkhide Mauler Primal Boost Secluded Steppe Tranquil Thicket